Thursday, 23 February 2012


Morning all.

This post comes today in the form of a tune which sends shivers down your spine but effortlessly makes you want to go to the nearest abandoned building (probably an old Woolworths) and move your feet endlessly to a beat which you'll never want to end.

Sirenize consists of 2 fellas named Rowan and Dennis. I'm not sure really who Rowan is, but Dennis who used to be in Orchestra with me back in the day, but he was the cool percussionist (He is actually a top drummer) who hardly said a word whereas I was the wannabe cool kid with sunglasses on his head indoors who played the French horn who wouldnt stop shouting his mouth off. Do the Math. Dennis has been producing tunes since he could lift a mouse (the computer kind), resulting in him knowing pretty much everything there is to know about producing and is going to help build own studio in a few months when I finally have the funds....(Cheers Dennis in advance).

Anyways as a result of his intensive drumming background, in his production you can really hear really strong driving percussive elements that take this tune to the next level, keeping your feet bopping whilst you're shuffling around that dusty 90s Warehouse; accompanied by a sinfully dark groove and a superbly hauting vocal stab "EVVVERRRYBOODYY" - Sirenize are on to a true winner.

The track is just a preview, tickling your taste buds till the full release later this year....

.....Did I mention it's being released on Bedrock? (Digweed's Label).



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