Friday, 24 February 2012

a post i wanted to do

Sometimes we get bribed into doing a post. You want your piece of shit music or brostep featured on our blog? Well buy me a fucking kilo of Candy King and I'll plug you more than Denzi's arse down Shoreditch on a Friday night.

But then other times we get bullied. You see, this man, 'our friend' we'd call him, would incessantly bully poor hamster-brained Denzi and force him into doing things like biting girl's hair or running down the road naked. It was that or utter rejection.
After avoiding it for more than four years, it would appear that I have finally become the newest victim.
This is Mike Longman's second live tech house mix. Enjoy it or I'm in trouble.


1 comment:

  1. listened to the whole thing, great song choices mate, keep mixin up the tech, sounding nice n clean