Thursday, 9 February 2012

And we're back.

Dear Gooches and Goocherettes.

First up I apologise for leaving you in the dark for so long. Since leaving university in 2010, I have struggled to find a balance in my life which gives time to write about music. I have now found that balance, and now have a place in my heart for the Gooch once again and now more than ever I really want this blog to go further than ever before. So expect all different kinds of content popping up.

The UK electronic music scene at the moment is a little muddled and doesn't quite know where it stands..."do we like dubstep anymore?" "Where's good DnB gone?" "I like deep house and techno but I don't know enough about it or the artists involved" "Why do I keep wearing white underwear to underground all night raves?".......These are all questions that are submerging at the moment.

Personally I think it's a very exciting time for UK dance music especially, and I think 2012 is going to throw some exceptional curveballs our way. It's just about filtering through all the crap, and that's what we at the Gooch are here for.

Anyway, enough of me rattling on. Let's cut to the music.


This man at the moment is one of my favourite producers, who simply put makes beautiful music. A young lad from the north of England, who loves Japanese culture (and I think now actually lives in Tokyo..?). I have no idea why he isn't bigger really, and it's probably because you can't dance like this to his music:

What Submerse does is draw a bath with deeply soulful water glistening with garage-esque bubbles. On top of this, he has then encouraged some angels (naked girl angels) and J Dilla to jump in it to give themselves a good scrubbing down. The music is made through this magical water being drained through the amplified plughole. This should describe his music. On listening to his work, after putting on your headphones; close your eyes and be taken to a place far far away, distant from your desk job at your probable boring recruitment agency.

This, if you don't know him already, is what you've been missing:

Hopefully this lad won't go totally Japanese and start to produce Hello Kitty synth pop - and that he clings onto his roots of UK bass culture whilst advancing through 2012.

It's nice to be back.