Friday, 24 February 2012

a post i wanted to do

Sometimes we get bribed into doing a post. You want your piece of shit music or brostep featured on our blog? Well buy me a fucking kilo of Candy King and I'll plug you more than Denzi's arse down Shoreditch on a Friday night.

But then other times we get bullied. You see, this man, 'our friend' we'd call him, would incessantly bully poor hamster-brained Denzi and force him into doing things like biting girl's hair or running down the road naked. It was that or utter rejection.
After avoiding it for more than four years, it would appear that I have finally become the newest victim.
This is Mike Longman's second live tech house mix. Enjoy it or I'm in trouble.


dodge cops

Shuffling through a few papers, rummaging through a few drawers; I find this. At the top of the pile, with a note attached: "cheeky new track". Cheeky because they know they've taken a big step forward. This is big. This is Kado.


Thursday, 23 February 2012


Morning all.

This post comes today in the form of a tune which sends shivers down your spine but effortlessly makes you want to go to the nearest abandoned building (probably an old Woolworths) and move your feet endlessly to a beat which you'll never want to end.

Sirenize consists of 2 fellas named Rowan and Dennis. I'm not sure really who Rowan is, but Dennis who used to be in Orchestra with me back in the day, but he was the cool percussionist (He is actually a top drummer) who hardly said a word whereas I was the wannabe cool kid with sunglasses on his head indoors who played the French horn who wouldnt stop shouting his mouth off. Do the Math. Dennis has been producing tunes since he could lift a mouse (the computer kind), resulting in him knowing pretty much everything there is to know about producing and is going to help build own studio in a few months when I finally have the funds....(Cheers Dennis in advance).

Anyways as a result of his intensive drumming background, in his production you can really hear really strong driving percussive elements that take this tune to the next level, keeping your feet bopping whilst you're shuffling around that dusty 90s Warehouse; accompanied by a sinfully dark groove and a superbly hauting vocal stab "EVVVERRRYBOODYY" - Sirenize are on to a true winner.

The track is just a preview, tickling your taste buds till the full release later this year....

.....Did I mention it's being released on Bedrock? (Digweed's Label).



shuffle shuffled

Take this

and this

and you sort of get something like this


Monday, 20 February 2012

seb-jam phase 1

West London's finest goalie coach has been back in his yet-to-exist studio again to build what's looking like another series of mixes. Laid on the foundations of Progressive House, 'Under Construction... Phase 1' is the basement to a towering skyscraper of 2012 summer anthems.


Friday, 10 February 2012

loving the crew

Don't get me wrong I usually don't mind having a Rihanna song or the E.T. theme by John Williams stuck in my head for most of the day, but I was delighted to have this looping in there instead on this fine Friday.

Drake ft. The Weeknd - Crew Love (Vin Sol & 5kinAndBone5 Remix)


Thursday, 9 February 2012

kavinsky's fatal roadgame

Kavinsky. Remember him? The frog that's best mates with Busy P and the other Ed Banger dubstep collective but for some reason has never been signed with them? Thinks he's dead and a fictional cartoon reincarnation personifying the 1980's, Ferrari Testarossas and general Frenchisms? Yeah, that guy. Well, turns out he's had enough of releasing periodic EPs and is now man cartoon enough to brave an album. A lot of innocent synthesisers were melted during the production of this record. Zis izehh nu beet ov zee albem - as he may or may not say.

Don't drink and drive kids, or you'll end up as a French cartoon. And no not Sharky & George.


mates 4

Where were we then? Oh yeah, probably about time you received an update from our nearest and dearest.

If you've been looking for something to replace Rusko's overplayed 'Cockney Thug', listen no further than SES's very own Fault & Touch and their chirpy, wobbly, clicky and somewhat sassy bassline track 'Scum' (sampling the eponymous film starring Ray 'bet freesixfive!' Winstone).

Perhaps in reference to the fact that his bloody job will not allow him to stop digging bloody holes and bloody come home to see his bloody mates, Monkers is currently in the process of mastering what he's described as "some depressing 130bpm garagey style shit".

And for those still fishing in the 80's electro-synth-pop (or whatever you want to call it) harbour - we have a shiny, gold-plated award winning remix from our friends on the rocks, who recently pulled apart, re-assembled and re-energised Charlie XCX's racey 'End of the World'.


And we're back.

Dear Gooches and Goocherettes.

First up I apologise for leaving you in the dark for so long. Since leaving university in 2010, I have struggled to find a balance in my life which gives time to write about music. I have now found that balance, and now have a place in my heart for the Gooch once again and now more than ever I really want this blog to go further than ever before. So expect all different kinds of content popping up.

The UK electronic music scene at the moment is a little muddled and doesn't quite know where it stands..."do we like dubstep anymore?" "Where's good DnB gone?" "I like deep house and techno but I don't know enough about it or the artists involved" "Why do I keep wearing white underwear to underground all night raves?".......These are all questions that are submerging at the moment.

Personally I think it's a very exciting time for UK dance music especially, and I think 2012 is going to throw some exceptional curveballs our way. It's just about filtering through all the crap, and that's what we at the Gooch are here for.

Anyway, enough of me rattling on. Let's cut to the music.


This man at the moment is one of my favourite producers, who simply put makes beautiful music. A young lad from the north of England, who loves Japanese culture (and I think now actually lives in Tokyo..?). I have no idea why he isn't bigger really, and it's probably because you can't dance like this to his music:

What Submerse does is draw a bath with deeply soulful water glistening with garage-esque bubbles. On top of this, he has then encouraged some angels (naked girl angels) and J Dilla to jump in it to give themselves a good scrubbing down. The music is made through this magical water being drained through the amplified plughole. This should describe his music. On listening to his work, after putting on your headphones; close your eyes and be taken to a place far far away, distant from your desk job at your probable boring recruitment agency.

This, if you don't know him already, is what you've been missing:

Hopefully this lad won't go totally Japanese and start to produce Hello Kitty synth pop - and that he clings onto his roots of UK bass culture whilst advancing through 2012.

It's nice to be back.



Guidelines of Submission

In response to the ridiculous amount of dribble dripping into our email system, we have been forced to change our method of contact to the following:

Denzi has officially locked the doors and thrown away the key to our old email (, with the following statement: "please don't bother emailing it [our old email address] asking us questions about how to come-out to your parents (especially when your Dad leads a local fascist party at Burley village hall). We simply just don't care". 

But if you fancy submitting us your cutting-edge piece of electronic music (strictly in a sound-wave form), please acknowledge our new guidelines (below). If you don't, we'll be childish and not invite you to our birthday party. Denzi has also threatened to forward all anomalies to the sex offenders registry.

  • Send us a personal email.
    Don't get us wrong, we are flattered by emails from Record Labels and PR Agencies, but when they're titled 'Dear insert blog name' we're not really going to bother reading it. It takes no Sherlock Holmes to tell, just from the subject name of the email, whether you have sent your email to 1 blog or 9854009 of them. We're not a blog who are pressured into posting any old shit (that at least a dozen other blogs will also post) just because we want to brown nose so-and-so.
  • Who are you for crying out loud?
    We want to know who you are, where you're from, what inspires you and whether or not you have Tori Black's phone number. A short bio and some free stalking is basically what we're asking for.
  • We want pretty pictures.
    Mugshot, DJing action shot, single/EP/LP artwork or even a retro arty vintage scenester instagram photo of you pouting at your feet pulling the peace V will suffice.  Strictly no man tits please.
  • Can we post your music for free?
    Obviously pretty important these days. We don't want the feds or angry Record Labels on our case... again. We've been 'away' recently. What we mean by that is: being held in MI5 headquarters over copyright legality issues concerning us giving away too many free Skrillex tracks (how were we supposed to know his music wasn't actually a practical joke from Rusko?).
  • If you're a DJ, producer or Event Promoter are you playing/hosting anywhere soon?
    And if so can we come? We love watching and listening to live music funnily enough. We love it even more when it's free. We want to come along, buy you a beer, talk about your night or set and let our readers, followers and friends know about how messy it got. 

Follow these pretty easy instructions and your email will be read and replied to. It's as simple as that. (American's would say "period!" at this point?). 

Many thanks, mad love, big ups and all that shit to everyone that has stayed 'locked' to the Gooch over the past 3 years. We hope to hear from you soon and rekindle those beautiful relationships once more.

Denzi & Mcmess x