Monday, 22 August 2011

shake aletti - inside out

Today is Monday, which means the weekly release of vinyl pancakes, polycarbonate plastic discs, digital mp3 pulses and possibly even a few looters from the slammer.

This week X-Factor's very own Geordie Joe McElderry has released his ironically titled debut album, Classic. AWESOME!

Oh but wait that's not all. Hard Fi also unleashed their new arsenal of killer sounds; an album appropriately named Killer Sounds. COOL!

No but seriously there was Game's eagerly anticipated release of The R.E.D. Album at the weekend too - a seriously DOPE ass record that muthafuckin blows Watch The Throne out the water like daaayum!

Today, Sheffield's strongest p-funk poppers, Shake Aletti, pushed out their new EP, Inside Outthrough up and coming Moda. Be careful not to shake the record too hard though as I fear only His Majesty Andre's very danceable remix would remain standing.


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