Friday, 19 August 2011

flume - sleepless

On first listen, it's astounding to think this is actually 19-year-old Sydney resident Flume's debut EP.

So, where has he been you might ask? Well, like all the very best electronic producers, Flume started from humble beginnings; finding a niche using no not Ableton, no not even Logic or GarageBand, but a production program that poured into a bowl with some cereal.

For Flume it became an obsession; endless synthetic plug-ins, sample packs and vintage analogue hardware brought his computer to a near-standstill but all for the worthy reward of Sleepless.
A kaleidoscopic box of cinnamon graham pads, coco pop synths, slow crunchy nut beats and cheerio vocals make for a very tasty debut EP - likely to excite the taste buds of Star Slinger, Baths and Flying Lotus breakfast clubs.

If you're Australian or one of a billion backpacking out there right now then you'll be fortunate enough to purchase the EP off iTunes here. The rest of us, although able to download moreish title-track 'Sleepless' for free, will have to make do with the Soundcloud streams.


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