Tuesday, 16 August 2011


On scrolling through the depths of soundcloud, you realise how many talented people there are out there. So it makes me very jealous when I stumble upon the likes of Bondax, who are two 17 year olds from Lancaster. These boys aren't old enough to get it a pub in England, and I'm guessing havn't even touched a boob below the bra yet - however their music contains such musical soul, you'd think they'd already joined the 27 club, and probably felt a lot more boobs then I have.... so about 3 pairs....sssch.

To be honest, I can't stop listening to this tune right here, which has to be easily in my top 3 tunes of the year to date. And it's even given out as a free tune, so have a poke around their facebook page and soundcloud to find it!

All I Want by bondax

And also, if you're liking that, check out another favourite of mine from these boys...

Just Smile For Me Ft Bobbie Gordon by bondax

Keep an eye on these lads, aye? Already seventeen and working with artists such as Last Japan and Hostage, there's only one way these boys can go......straight into the pub when they're 18! ...And also to the top.



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