Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

frosty vs amtrac

Frosty, close bosom buddy to the blog and the chap who designed our logo, has a lot of free time of his hands this summer. Wisely, instead of organising his final major project for Uni, he has spent the last few days putting together an unofficial music video for Gooch favourite Amtrac.

Expect a lot more from both of these artists.

Amtrac - Morning (Unofficial video) from Dom Forsythe on Vimeo.

While we're at it, here's 'Come Along' - the lead single and title track from Amtrac's debut album which will be clearing the shelves from September 27.

Monday, 22 August 2011

shake aletti - inside out

Today is Monday, which means the weekly release of vinyl pancakes, polycarbonate plastic discs, digital mp3 pulses and possibly even a few looters from the slammer.

This week X-Factor's very own Geordie Joe McElderry has released his ironically titled debut album, Classic. AWESOME!

Oh but wait that's not all. Hard Fi also unleashed their new arsenal of killer sounds; an album appropriately named Killer Sounds. COOL!

No but seriously there was Game's eagerly anticipated release of The R.E.D. Album at the weekend too - a seriously DOPE ass record that muthafuckin blows Watch The Throne out the water like daaayum!

Today, Sheffield's strongest p-funk poppers, Shake Aletti, pushed out their new EP, Inside Outthrough up and coming Moda. Be careful not to shake the record too hard though as I fear only His Majesty Andre's very danceable remix would remain standing.


Friday, 19 August 2011

flume - sleepless

On first listen, it's astounding to think this is actually 19-year-old Sydney resident Flume's debut EP.

So, where has he been you might ask? Well, like all the very best electronic producers, Flume started from humble beginnings; finding a niche using no not Ableton, no not even Logic or GarageBand, but a production program that poured into a bowl with some cereal.

For Flume it became an obsession; endless synthetic plug-ins, sample packs and vintage analogue hardware brought his computer to a near-standstill but all for the worthy reward of Sleepless.
A kaleidoscopic box of cinnamon graham pads, coco pop synths, slow crunchy nut beats and cheerio vocals make for a very tasty debut EP - likely to excite the taste buds of Star Slinger, Baths and Flying Lotus breakfast clubs.

If you're Australian or one of a billion backpacking out there right now then you'll be fortunate enough to purchase the EP off iTunes here. The rest of us, although able to download moreish title-track 'Sleepless' for free, will have to make do with the Soundcloud streams.


Tuesday, 16 August 2011


On scrolling through the depths of soundcloud, you realise how many talented people there are out there. So it makes me very jealous when I stumble upon the likes of Bondax, who are two 17 year olds from Lancaster. These boys aren't old enough to get it a pub in England, and I'm guessing havn't even touched a boob below the bra yet - however their music contains such musical soul, you'd think they'd already joined the 27 club, and probably felt a lot more boobs then I have.... so about 3 pairs....sssch.

To be honest, I can't stop listening to this tune right here, which has to be easily in my top 3 tunes of the year to date. And it's even given out as a free tune, so have a poke around their facebook page and soundcloud to find it!

All I Want by bondax

And also, if you're liking that, check out another favourite of mine from these boys...

Just Smile For Me Ft Bobbie Gordon by bondax

Keep an eye on these lads, aye? Already seventeen and working with artists such as Last Japan and Hostage, there's only one way these boys can go......straight into the pub when they're 18! ...And also to the top.



Monday, 15 August 2011

the storm

It is said that on the fourth day God set lights in the sky to separate days and years, creating the sun, the moon and the stars. But what the Book of Genesis fails to mention is that forging his final mixtape, alone, deep in the fiery pit of Mt Sovereign, was Earth's first pervert.

On the fifth day, Sebastian James ceased work to allow himself more time to oggle Eve.


trim it

Badboy and former blud of the Roll Deep mandem, Trim, releases his new EP I Am today (August 15) through grime blog Butterz.

Released both digitally and on 12", the EP features title track 'I Am', with remixes from Preditah, LV and Mr Mitch, and Sonic the Hedgehog-sampled b-side 'Notice Now' (which itself boasts an increasing number of unofficial remixes from budding grime and dubstep producers).

Numan's 'Apocalypse' remix makes me want to smash in the windows of KFC and loot as much popcorn chicken in my pants as I can, you dun know.

  Trim - Notice Now (Numan's Apocalypse Remix) by UKNuman


Friday, 5 August 2011

hot chimneys

Here's a couple of logs that'll get the chimney blazing for all you househeads out there.

Choc Ice, one half of Kado, has prematurely pulled this electro-house banger out the freezer, as Denzi informs me, two years before he's ready to eat it. Still, doesn't mean we can't torture our teeth with it though. Head down mate.

QPR's newest recruit, Sebastian James, has informed me that this is the penultimate 'day' of his house quadrilogy. I'm told Day Four (The Storm) is also complete and will be available very soon i.e. when he has the internet.


Wednesday, 3 August 2011

lana del rey

Wow - genuinely blown away by Lana Del Rey and her fandom-bound, Hollywood sadcore ballad 'Video Games'.
BaxteR comments: "this song deserves [a] massive dubstep remix". No, it really doesn't. Not everything, and that includes the Harry Potter theme, needs a dubstep remix.

Meshing together random home-movie style clips from YouTube and vulnerable shots of her looking all sad into the view finder of her camera, the video to the song is endearing and probably cost less than a bar of Hershey's.

I'd certainly drag myself away from Fifa if she was up for a bit of a kiss and a cuddle.

  Lana Del Rey - Video Games by PurplePR