Tuesday, 26 July 2011

starsmith lesson one ep

Still get light headed and all goosebumpy to Daft Punk's Discovery? Well, you'll be giddy like a school girl when you hear Starsmith's breezy new EP, Lesson One; not only for the fact it embodies the warmth of French Touch but because it's been stamped by the robots' old chum Alan Braxe and his Vulture label.

The accompanying video is pretty tragic. Although, I suppose the moral of the story (or Lesson One in the law of relationships) is, unless they're Kate Humble, don't take your ladyfriend out fishing for the weekend.

Pre-order the EP from iTunes here.


Monday, 25 July 2011

mates 3

After a shocking amount of scandalous phone hacking in the last six weeks (in exchange for a free Sky+ HD box), Gooch of the World reporter, McMess, managed to get his sticky hands on a handful of exclusive mp3s, voicemails (from Denzi's mum) and uncensored photographs of Rebekah Brooks' ginger cake.

  Debut Bass by Fault SES

  Marvin Berry by Touch SES

  Fault & Touch - Subtle Feeling by Fault SES


  Matt Steel - Over the Line by Mattsteel

  Grotty - Air (Skinz Unfinished Remix) by thesmoothestgooch

   Do you remember that time in Bristol? by The Smoothest Gooch-Denzi

McMess (heading for Mexico... or Calais)