Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Tickling the Gooch.

Afternoon gentleman. As I sit in a unbelievable hungover state in my bed, occasionally walking to the toilet for a sit down piss, It's given me a bit of time to pick a few tunes for you lot. I'll get straight to it.

First up, a second version. James Blake. As much as I enjoyed Mr Blake's debut album, it was lacking my favourite aspects of his past work - the estranged warble, synth organ swelling contrasted with bizzare plucking, filtered vocal snippets, all mixed in with with the bass from 'Footnotes'. I don't know if anyone else feels the same way, but there we go. Anyways, Mr Blake has reworked one of his tunes to a bigger beauty than it already was. I love the cowbell, it really does make it. Hopefully this is a taster of things to come.

James Blake - Give the Man a Rod (Second Version)

Next up is a man who brought an absolute game changer to the Dubstep scene in late 2009/2010, it's Emalkay. I recently purchased his new LP 'Eclipse' and it is actually far better than I thought it was going to be, because every single tune is masterfully produced. Chilled and sexy in places, and tastefully rowdy in others; Emalkay has obviously kept his thinking hat on for the last few years.
This track features the creaming voice of Dee Fearon of Baby D (Let me be your fantasy). Sweet. It's an absolute cracker of a track, with synths attacking you from all directions and some lovely bass below. Get this in your life.

Emalkay - Keep Moving on (feat. Baby D)

Third is a man I pretty much know nothing about, giving that there is very little information of him on the internet. His name is Joe - so google search is kind of tricky. What I do know is I heard this around last November, and the other day it got a release on the Hessle Audio's unbelievable compilation '116 and Rising' - you should go buy it. Even features a top sample nicked off the film Boogie Knights......

...Hahaha. Anyway, this sample chucked in with some shifting minimal tech vibe, mixed in with some lounge - then adding some crisp piano jazz, makes this beautiful track perfect. An Essential.

Joe - Twice

Rising DnB Star Fred V brings us the next tune. Fred goes from strength to strength with his soulful sounds, and is highly regarded in the industry. Bath Spa's finest bring's us this cracking remix which I heard a while ago on a mixtape, but finally found a version...and now I can share that with you. Pump the nostalgia in a new vibe. What a great tune to play around with.

Layo & Bushwacker! - Love Story (Fred V Remix)

Finally, a tune off the cracking Ramadanman/Pearson sound Fabriclive 56 album...a guy called 'Elgato' with a tune called 'Music'. Again, not much information on this fella that I could find. I'm trying to find the right words to describe the sound of this production.....Just listen to it, you won't regret it. Probably the right phrase is 'fuck brostep'.

Elgato - Music (Body Mix)



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