Monday, 23 May 2011

russ and tonic

I don't think there are many producers, bands or solo artists that I have stuck with, through and through, from the very beginning. However, good old Russ Chimes is one of them.
I was still being fed mashed bananas and squashing hot lumps of poo into my pants when 'Afterbunner', 'She's Got The Heat' and 'Mulsanne' glided onto the dancefloor of club blogosphere. His dazzling use of synthesisers sat alongside the bottles of Canadian Club, dusty box of johnnies and traffic cones of Fresher's week. God sometimes I wish I was back at Uni with that little rodent Denzi. Perhaps nostalgia is why my fondness for Russ has not only continued but escalated into a restraining order.

As weekdays inevitably devolve back into Eastenders and a big bag of Doritos, Russ' music has evolved to the extent where now, premièring new EP Tonic/Helix on his own label Uno Mas, his productions are almost unrecognisable from past originals and remixes. With each release, the long, orgasmic synth solos are gradually being replaced by electro-house loops and sirens. Only the mid-break of 'Tonic' reprises that distinctive sound of old.

Russ Chimes - Tonic

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Russ Chimes - Helix

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  1. It's different, yeah, but in a good way. I've been following Russ Chimes since square zero myself, and he's always been a massive influence on my music.

    I wouldn't go so far as to call it 'electro house', though - but I am noticing a bit of a movement within indie dance where some producers are channeling their UK garage roots - Russ's remix of Broke One - Go Go Go is just about pure UKG, what with those time-stretched, choppy vocals and skittering snares.

    But you can't pigeonhole somebody into a certain style based on their previous work, you know? She's Got The Heat is just about the best song I've ever heard (and I have been listening to pretentious electronic music for years), but hey, if Mr. Chimes wants to push himself in a different artistic direction, then that's his prerogative, and it's up to us as his fans to support him, regardless of what direction he decides to go in - just because it's not a long, soaring Juno-106 solo doesn't mean that it's not damn good music.

    Just my $0.02. What do you think?

  2. I didn't pick up on any criticism of this change in direction - perhaps the mention of electro house immediately brought negative connotations?

    I agree with the gooch, he has taken things in a more elctro house direction, but this has been a gradual and natural progression that seems to be a byproduct of Russ Chimes mastering his art, as well as the changing landscape of dance music.

    Personally speaking, I think he'll be hard pushed to better the Chromeo remix he did a few years ago. That was absolutely stunning. The Confusion Girl remix is more electro-housey yet is almost as good as the Chromeo one.

    Reckon we'll ever see an album?

  3. Chromeo remix... are we talking about Fancy Footwork? God, I should be punished... I completely forgot about that track. Thank you so much for reminding me.