Thursday, 5 May 2011

mates 2

Hi, yeah, look I know we've been gone a while and we should probably be doing a monster of a post on all sorts of music but this is just going to be a quick one as I'm in the middle of watching Showgirls and I have some personal issues to address.

You might remember I told you briefly about an old chum of mine - Oscar and BAFTA award winning DeadJosh - and when he popped down to film SebastiAn and Breakbot? Well, turns out he's also in some hip band called Lighthouses, who were all over Radio 1 a couple of weeks ago so it's likely you heard this Bloc-Party-meets-Justice / Daft-Punk-stripping-Soulwax / DFA-titwanking-Delphic track.

If you like that you'll definitely like their new work in progress which, at the moment, sounds a little like this.

Keep your eyes peeled for more on these chaps as I'll soon be bullying Josh into conducting an interview and maybe even some exclusives...

Monkers, who's hopelessly routing around Australia in search of a decent dubstep club and some semi-fit girls, is a big boy and reppin' Mixcloud these days. This is his latest.

The two masterminds of anything liquid, Kado, sipped on the bong water and produced something new - a track aptly named 'Something New'.

  Kado - Something New by Kado

One half of Kado, Matt Steel, has blatantly been sacking off Uni and bashing out solo tracks instead. Good lad.

  Matt Steel - Three Sheets to the Wind by Mattsteel

  Matt Steel - Silence by Mattsteel

Finally, a few weeks ago Denzi turned up (uninvited) at my house and, in a couple of short, beer-soaked evenings, we threw together an 808-heavy remix of his epic 'Wilmington Man'.

  Denzi - Wilmington Man (McMess & Denzi Remix) by McMess

There will be more posts and more music very soon. Byeeeeeee

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