Monday, 16 May 2011


The other day I ventured into London to check out my friend, and a very talented young man, named Rocky Nti play a set at the Wheelbarrow in Camden. Before his performance, he said, 'Oh, you should meet my mate James!'. The 'James' I realised upon turning around was actually producing machine Jakwob, who had come to check out Rocky's performance also.

To my knowledge the two of them are doing some collab work for Jakwob's new LP in the studio - and I am very interested to see what Jakwob's A-game producing skills mixed up with Rocky's raw soulful voice can come up with.

Anyways, this nicely brings me to Jakwob's new EP, 'Right Beside You'. It's good. Even though the title tune 'Right Beside You' contains a commerical-esque sound, I really don't mind, since the tune itself has lovely shades of light and dark with such overall tight as furrk producing skills. And also I like the fact that Jakwob is collaborating with other UK acts, since we are all in it together right!? However, Jakwob does a complete switch up with another tune off the EP called 'Boomer' which I did not expect at all from the likes of the chap! It's....well....booming! Very dark, unlike Jakwob's earlier stuff, and it just goes to show this boy has come along way since his first release - and gives himself as a producer far more depth.

Also, chucked in on the EP is a remix from DJ Fresh - who claims this remix is....wait...future jungle!? Whaa? Jiggies? Even though it's a great little remix....future jungle? Pfft. Too many people make up genres these days! Seriously Zinc....crack house!?Haha. Let's hope he's delivering an ironic message.

Jakwob - Boomer

Download Jakwob Boomer

Jakwob - Right Beside Ya (DJ Fresh Future Jungle Remix)

Download Jakwob Right Beside You (DJ Fresh Future Jungle Remix)


I am not a massive fan of Cookie Monsta....however this tune....Well, let's just say my sub caught alight and pretty much burnt ALL my Gooch hairs off this morning upon listening. Skank on.

Frozen - Freestylers (Cookie Monsta Remix)- REMOVED



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