Friday, 13 May 2011


For a lot of people dubstep is probably like Marmite: you either love it or you hate it. I see dubstep as more like peanut butter; everyone likes peanut butter don't they? You're either going to like the smooth, velvety type that just glides over your crumpets/toast/girlfriend's bap or the crunchy stuff that's chunkier, angular and gets stuck in your teeth for the whole week. Of course, you also get the dreadful stuff too; the kind of dubstep that is ruined by some sickly sweet jelly (but it's actually jam isn't it).

Dubstep and Drum & Bass producer, Bluze, is right up there on the top shelf with the smooth organic peanut butters. Forget Sun-Pat or Skippy.

Having entered the music scene as a producer (alongside Indian Ropeman in the UK Hip Hop crew First Down) and signing to Blitz Vinyl to record the seminal World Service LP and Mad Dogs & Englishmen EP, he led a double life in the 90's - making Hip Hop during the week and breakbeat/house at the weekend.

A chance meeting with Hank Shocklee in Miami during the Winter Music Conference in 2008 led to his near-instant conversion to dubstep; it's here that he found his musical home. Deep and soulful, Bluze's work is receiving radio play from every corner of this peanut-butter-loving world, as well as a slap on the back from fellow producers.

With several releases due out this year, 2011 is set to see Bluze emerge as one of the freshest new acts in Dubstep. On Lady Destiny's latest EP, a hotly anticipated set of tracks brings him alongside Benga, Distance and Bugz in the Attic, while his collaboration with electronica artist Kennedy has born fruit with a release on Universal Music.

Expect a string of new releases and remixes through ALTOSYNC but, in the mean time, spread these on your gooleys and the girls will be dropping within seconds.


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