Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Off to Belgium.

Not that I've been here much lately, I'm off to Belgium for a couple of days to do some acting and shit. But since my guilt has been eating me up that I havnt been here all that much for you, I'll throw a couple of tracks your way before I go.

'Millions like Us' are an interesting little trio from Brighton who have caught the attention of the public and the BBC in 2011. MLU actually took McMess's new favourite band 'Hurts' and gave their track 'Stay' a makeover. It's pretty good. However, in their new release they have taken 'Morning Parade' and given it quite the 'Morning Wood'. HA. By morning wood, I mean hard up wubs. Nice little number. Check it out.

Morning Parade - A&E (Millions like us Remix)

I've always been a fan of TC since I heard his 'Evolution' album, which I think is a great addition to drum and Bass history. We've seen him bopping about for the last couple of years trying to find his feet in the new scene production wise. And I tell you what, I like his new release with Dread MC. Something quite different from TC, but expected from him at the same time. Have a listen.

TC - Concrete feat Dread MC

This next release is an absolute corker. It is what it says on the tin - 'Beatiful'. By the boys always on their best behaviour, Brookes Brothers. I'm not going to be a naughty boy and post the download link, because I was told not to. Go buy it somewhere.

Brookes Brothers - Beautiful



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