Sunday, 6 March 2011


For anyone who has a genuine love for French House or Filter Disco, Moonchild is an Aussie chap you might already give an appreciative nod towards. In fact, the track 'Girl', released this time last year, has all the conventions you'd expect from a sound that was establishing 14 to 15 years ago.

  Moonchild - Girl (Original Mix) by Moonchild

His remix of Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP's 'We No Speak Americano' not only raised a huge amount of eyebrows, but reinvigorated my fondness for the track (having heard it too much for a period of time).

  Yolanda Be Cool + DCUP - We No Speak Americano (Moonchild Remix) by Moonchild

As if I hadn't needed convincing any more, I soon discovered that Moonchild and myself shared the same fondness for Alan Silvestri's Flight of the Navigator OST; with his track 'Navigator' epically sampling 'Robot Romp'.

  Moonchild - Navigator (Original Mix) by Moonchild

Silky smooth official remixes then began to filter through the console, most notably his pumping remix of Russ Chimes' 'Targa' and this rather glitzy rendition of 'Physical' by fellow Sydneysiders Radio Ink.

  Radio Ink - Physical (Moonchild Remix) by Moonchild

Now, Moonchild has just released his debut EP Love Birds which, as well as the original (well, obbbbviously), includes: another effective chop-and-loop 'Angry Bird' remix from The Phantom's Revenge; a bass-heavy and, dare I say it, slightly disappointing remix from Lord Russ Chimes; an anti-disco/borderline trance thing from Vengeance; a big old electro house banger from Gigi Barocco; and a lovely slice of b-side Roule - 'You And Nothing Else' - to finish off on.

  Moonchild - Love Birds EP + Remixes by Moonchild


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