Thursday, 10 March 2011

Get your Subs pumpin'.

Alrite peepers. This post is dedicated to some of the most electrifying performers I have seen in the last few years (the picture above sums it up). The Subs. I saw them at Fabric's tenth birthday party, as part of a huge lineup of fine artists, and I had heard beforehand of the Subs and indeed jazzed myself silly at the track Mitsubishi, alike this young fine squire:

What I witnessed that day was raw electricity onstage, and I'm sure some of our Gooch readers out there have experienced this too.

However, funny enough when I was in Belgium last week I saw a poster for the Subs playing next week in Liege! Dammit. I'm off my tits on jealousy! Because, what I am so excited is for, is the new album dropping very soon at the end of this month. And when the opening track looks like and sounds like this....

.....You know you're in for a winner. The Subs have made a wonderful track full of their estranged sounds, bizzare intonations with the synths, behind a sinister sounding beat with sound nice overlying crazy vocals (just have a listen). Hopefully the boys are going to give us a whole album full of these well thought out tracks. And it's a nice little video also.

However, off the new Face of the Planet EP comes this little dubstep number. It's pretty darn powerful. Check it out.

NB Warning to DJ's. If you drop this, everyone's face in the crowd will probably melt and disintergrate (if you got powerful subs innit...the SUBS gettit?!!!?.... Right).
The Subs - Face of the Planet (Panametric Remix)

Peas guys and girls!


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