Thursday, 3 February 2011


We have some pretty talented chums here at The Smoothest Gooch. Here's what some of the key figures have been up to recently.

Geologists have given me the all clear to post Monkers' new mix - drilled from the  depths of Harley Shute just three weeks ago. The BGS (British Geology Survey) have stated that "for optimum enjoyment of this compound (mix) it is recommended that the operator should aurally consume it during a Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training course".

  BOSIET Mix by Monkers

Before blowing fresh chunks and tipping a bowl of Corn Flakes down his throat, Whitz likes to spend his Sunday mornings terrorising neighbours and making mixes.

  Janstep by Whitz

As an energetic duo when in the DJ booth together, it made sense for two of our old Bath mates, collectively known as Kado, to roll a few fatties and lay down some chilled beats. It doesn't take a genius to imagine what they were up to when they produced 'Roll Out'. 'Collect Yourself' needs to be seriously spat over.  

  Kado - Roll Out by Kado

  Kado - Collect Yourself by Kado

I don't want to fatten his head any more so all I'm going to say about the next track is that I really really hate it - hence why I'm posting it. In truth, I can't stop listening to it. Daaaayyyyyuuummmm!

  Wilmington Man by The Smoothest Gooch-Denzi


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  1. Denzi , master of chill music , god of relaxation , true genius :D