Thursday, 13 January 2011

what's that stench?

A couple of weeks ago Denzi made an outrageous comment which stated that he would no longer be posting any dubstep on this blog of ours: "...for me, I'm marking 2010 as the year which dubstep died..." The bloke is my best mate and I love him to bits, but something tells me he'll be eating his words within the next couple of months. If not he'll be eating my knuckles, don't worry I got your back dubheads.
So it looks like, for now, the responsibility of posting dubstep and pushing our Facebook friends number into four figures lies with silly old electro-dweeb me.

For a while I honestly thought "Stenchman" was a household nickname for Denzi. But then I did a bit of research and discovered that Stenchman appears to be Dover's answer to Leatherface.