Sunday, 16 January 2011

Perfect for your sunday.

Alright there chaps. Working in a pub you forget what a weekend is, it just becomes a blur of spilling London Pride, stealing the cheeky half pint of Harvey's Sussex Best Bitter, (since we have the random barrell of it in our cellar which I think McMess has sent me personally from his shitty end of the woods) perving on the smoking hot cougars who come in, and flirting outrageously with their daughters. It's full of A grade posh talent. However, I just don't know if it my pub's 'Lounge versions of tunes from the last 2 decades' playlist that they have on, which actually includes this absolute BANGER cover....

....but my taste's have definitely changed. And as much as McMess may try to cover the Gooch in future with the Dubstep drivel which I heard aaaages ago (schhsch), that's just not me anymore. So, here's some treats for sunday, that if you've had a banging night and you are feeling a little fragile, listening to these won't send you rushing to the toilet for the 9th time...or reaching for the pint glass next to the bed to simply fill it up with the remnants of last night's extra large doner kebab (hold the curry sauce, pile on the mayo). You get me?

Kick off with a nice easy one. How can you not like this? Magical. Shame he fiddled kids.....Uh-Oh, it's the man, MJ!
Michael Jackson - Butterflies (A Sides Remix)

Mutt, real name Sean Roman, is a boyo I've been following for a while now and his contribution to the dance music scene is big, going through dub, house and DnB. With Mutt's DnB, he has an neato way of picking samples and a creating nice warm environment through his synths and non-in your face drums patterns. Ergo, this release.
Mutt - Kush Talk

You know that beautiful tune by big boy DnB artist 'S.P.Y' called 'By Your Side'. Not want the 2 minute intro when you're dropping it in a club? Logistics have the answer.
S.P.Y - By Your Side (Logistics Remix)

And finally, a lovely lady gave me a CD with some every tune a banger (thank you). This popped on randomly this morning, and my Mum came in and commended me on my music taste. About fucking time.
David Bowie - Lady Grinning Soul

Peas out Bruvvas.


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