Thursday, 20 January 2011


As with everyones mailbox, spam is an issue. Here at the Gooch, as much as we love hardcore skank metal, we are not going to post it...or are we not going to buy 3 tubs of tesco's finest viagra from pflizer online (Even as much as we need it in the occasions of Mr Flopsy...right lads!?...)Ha. But every now and again, real treats get delivered to us. And I am proud to be one of the first to bring you a right corker, a bobby dazzler.

Filtering through the mailbox, I stumbled upon 'Cruel Cassette'. London based, Cruel Cassette brings us some of the freshest sounds I've heard of recent times. The tune 'Lion' is quite frankly, incredible, and when it hits 0.53, the listener is surrounded in warpy, emotive hole surrounded in echoes. This is the kind of music that would be made if Tron was based in Jamaica (as bizarre as you think that analagy might be). Mr Cassette apparently uses cut up unlabled tapes from markets and his collection of mid-80s drum machines to create his tunes, and in my opinion, it really makes it stand out from the crowd. You really need to check this out. - Oh, and apparently Cruel Cassette's artwork for this tune was made by Japayork, who apparently heard the song and had the urge draw something impromptu! Thank god this tune doesn't remind us of porno music, otherwise it would have been a very different picture. Big up Cruel Cassette ! Large things to come.

Cruel Cassette - Lion



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