Saturday, 24 September 2011

radiohead tkol rmx7

Right, justaquickonebeforeXFactor what?
As I'm sure you've noticed by now Radiohead have been releasing episodes of remixes in the wake of their eighth studio album The King of Limbs. As a fitting finale, the seventh and last instalment features reworks by Jamie XX, Anstam and SBTRKT.
If you somehow missed the previous six editions, take a good couple of hours out of your evening to listen to them here. If you feel you've missed out and can't be bothered to purchase each remix then it's OK, stay patient as TKOL RMX 1234567 (the entire box set if you like) wll b rlsd n 10th ctbr. Pre-order it here in mp3 form for only 9 bees.

  Bloom - Jamie xx Rework by Radiohead

  Separator - Anstam RMX by Radiohead

  Lotus Flower - SBTRKT RMX by Radiohead


Tuesday, 20 September 2011


Teeth are London's answer to Crystal Castles; a scruffy, energetic band your Nan would most definitely disapprove of.
Describing their sound as yeah like 'whatever' dude, they cleverly decided to name their debut album Whatever and release it on Moshi Moshi yesterday.
Most of the record will make you want to yank your own teeth out with some rusty plyers, but saving further pain are tail-ending tracks 'See Space' and 'Flowers', the latter of which has been spruced up by who else but Russell Chimes.

  See Spaces (Single Version) by TEETH

  Flowers (Russ Chimes Vocal Mix) by TEETH


Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

frosty vs amtrac

Frosty, close bosom buddy to the blog and the chap who designed our logo, has a lot of free time of his hands this summer. Wisely, instead of organising his final major project for Uni, he has spent the last few days putting together an unofficial music video for Gooch favourite Amtrac.

Expect a lot more from both of these artists.

Amtrac - Morning (Unofficial video) from Dom Forsythe on Vimeo.

While we're at it, here's 'Come Along' - the lead single and title track from Amtrac's debut album which will be clearing the shelves from September 27.

Monday, 22 August 2011

shake aletti - inside out

Today is Monday, which means the weekly release of vinyl pancakes, polycarbonate plastic discs, digital mp3 pulses and possibly even a few looters from the slammer.

This week X-Factor's very own Geordie Joe McElderry has released his ironically titled debut album, Classic. AWESOME!

Oh but wait that's not all. Hard Fi also unleashed their new arsenal of killer sounds; an album appropriately named Killer Sounds. COOL!

No but seriously there was Game's eagerly anticipated release of The R.E.D. Album at the weekend too - a seriously DOPE ass record that muthafuckin blows Watch The Throne out the water like daaayum!

Today, Sheffield's strongest p-funk poppers, Shake Aletti, pushed out their new EP, Inside Outthrough up and coming Moda. Be careful not to shake the record too hard though as I fear only His Majesty Andre's very danceable remix would remain standing.


Friday, 19 August 2011

flume - sleepless

On first listen, it's astounding to think this is actually 19-year-old Sydney resident Flume's debut EP.

So, where has he been you might ask? Well, like all the very best electronic producers, Flume started from humble beginnings; finding a niche using no not Ableton, no not even Logic or GarageBand, but a production program that poured into a bowl with some cereal.

For Flume it became an obsession; endless synthetic plug-ins, sample packs and vintage analogue hardware brought his computer to a near-standstill but all for the worthy reward of Sleepless.
A kaleidoscopic box of cinnamon graham pads, coco pop synths, slow crunchy nut beats and cheerio vocals make for a very tasty debut EP - likely to excite the taste buds of Star Slinger, Baths and Flying Lotus breakfast clubs.

If you're Australian or one of a billion backpacking out there right now then you'll be fortunate enough to purchase the EP off iTunes here. The rest of us, although able to download moreish title-track 'Sleepless' for free, will have to make do with the Soundcloud streams.


Tuesday, 16 August 2011


On scrolling through the depths of soundcloud, you realise how many talented people there are out there. So it makes me very jealous when I stumble upon the likes of Bondax, who are two 17 year olds from Lancaster. These boys aren't old enough to get it a pub in England, and I'm guessing havn't even touched a boob below the bra yet - however their music contains such musical soul, you'd think they'd already joined the 27 club, and probably felt a lot more boobs then I have.... so about 3 pairs....sssch.

To be honest, I can't stop listening to this tune right here, which has to be easily in my top 3 tunes of the year to date. And it's even given out as a free tune, so have a poke around their facebook page and soundcloud to find it!

All I Want by bondax

And also, if you're liking that, check out another favourite of mine from these boys...

Just Smile For Me Ft Bobbie Gordon by bondax

Keep an eye on these lads, aye? Already seventeen and working with artists such as Last Japan and Hostage, there's only one way these boys can go......straight into the pub when they're 18! ...And also to the top.



Monday, 15 August 2011

the storm

It is said that on the fourth day God set lights in the sky to separate days and years, creating the sun, the moon and the stars. But what the Book of Genesis fails to mention is that forging his final mixtape, alone, deep in the fiery pit of Mt Sovereign, was Earth's first pervert.

On the fifth day, Sebastian James ceased work to allow himself more time to oggle Eve.


trim it

Badboy and former blud of the Roll Deep mandem, Trim, releases his new EP I Am today (August 15) through grime blog Butterz.

Released both digitally and on 12", the EP features title track 'I Am', with remixes from Preditah, LV and Mr Mitch, and Sonic the Hedgehog-sampled b-side 'Notice Now' (which itself boasts an increasing number of unofficial remixes from budding grime and dubstep producers).

Numan's 'Apocalypse' remix makes me want to smash in the windows of KFC and loot as much popcorn chicken in my pants as I can, you dun know.

  Trim - Notice Now (Numan's Apocalypse Remix) by UKNuman


Friday, 5 August 2011

hot chimneys

Here's a couple of logs that'll get the chimney blazing for all you househeads out there.

Choc Ice, one half of Kado, has prematurely pulled this electro-house banger out the freezer, as Denzi informs me, two years before he's ready to eat it. Still, doesn't mean we can't torture our teeth with it though. Head down mate.

QPR's newest recruit, Sebastian James, has informed me that this is the penultimate 'day' of his house quadrilogy. I'm told Day Four (The Storm) is also complete and will be available very soon i.e. when he has the internet.


Wednesday, 3 August 2011

lana del rey

Wow - genuinely blown away by Lana Del Rey and her fandom-bound, Hollywood sadcore ballad 'Video Games'.
BaxteR comments: "this song deserves [a] massive dubstep remix". No, it really doesn't. Not everything, and that includes the Harry Potter theme, needs a dubstep remix.

Meshing together random home-movie style clips from YouTube and vulnerable shots of her looking all sad into the view finder of her camera, the video to the song is endearing and probably cost less than a bar of Hershey's.

I'd certainly drag myself away from Fifa if she was up for a bit of a kiss and a cuddle.

  Lana Del Rey - Video Games by PurplePR


Tuesday, 26 July 2011

starsmith lesson one ep

Still get light headed and all goosebumpy to Daft Punk's Discovery? Well, you'll be giddy like a school girl when you hear Starsmith's breezy new EP, Lesson One; not only for the fact it embodies the warmth of French Touch but because it's been stamped by the robots' old chum Alan Braxe and his Vulture label.

The accompanying video is pretty tragic. Although, I suppose the moral of the story (or Lesson One in the law of relationships) is, unless they're Kate Humble, don't take your ladyfriend out fishing for the weekend.

Pre-order the EP from iTunes here.


Monday, 25 July 2011

mates 3

After a shocking amount of scandalous phone hacking in the last six weeks (in exchange for a free Sky+ HD box), Gooch of the World reporter, McMess, managed to get his sticky hands on a handful of exclusive mp3s, voicemails (from Denzi's mum) and uncensored photographs of Rebekah Brooks' ginger cake.

  Debut Bass by Fault SES

  Marvin Berry by Touch SES

  Fault & Touch - Subtle Feeling by Fault SES


  Matt Steel - Over the Line by Mattsteel

  Grotty - Air (Skinz Unfinished Remix) by thesmoothestgooch

   Do you remember that time in Bristol? by The Smoothest Gooch-Denzi

McMess (heading for Mexico... or Calais)


Thursday, 9 June 2011

ant brooks

As I'm sure you've all heard, the big news this morning is that old Mike Eavis has 'accidentally' booked The Wombles to do a huge dubstep set at Glastonbury Festival in just over two weeks time. Not long now; the festival season is upon us.

Here are a couple of re-edits from tech-house maestro, Ant Brooks, to get you in the mood and jumping like Great Uncle Bulgaria.


Wednesday, 1 June 2011

New Stardust Remix.

And we all like a new Stardust Remix.

The absolute boy, Justin Martin brings us this. Nice and different.

Stardust - Music Sounds Better With You (Justin Martin edit) by Annie Mac Presents



Monday, 23 May 2011

russ and tonic

I don't think there are many producers, bands or solo artists that I have stuck with, through and through, from the very beginning. However, good old Russ Chimes is one of them.
I was still being fed mashed bananas and squashing hot lumps of poo into my pants when 'Afterbunner', 'She's Got The Heat' and 'Mulsanne' glided onto the dancefloor of club blogosphere. His dazzling use of synthesisers sat alongside the bottles of Canadian Club, dusty box of johnnies and traffic cones of Fresher's week. God sometimes I wish I was back at Uni with that little rodent Denzi. Perhaps nostalgia is why my fondness for Russ has not only continued but escalated into a restraining order.

As weekdays inevitably devolve back into Eastenders and a big bag of Doritos, Russ' music has evolved to the extent where now, premièring new EP Tonic/Helix on his own label Uno Mas, his productions are almost unrecognisable from past originals and remixes. With each release, the long, orgasmic synth solos are gradually being replaced by electro-house loops and sirens. Only the mid-break of 'Tonic' reprises that distinctive sound of old.

Russ Chimes - Tonic

Download Russ Chimes

Russ Chimes - Helix

Please support Russ and Uno Mas by purchasing the record at iTunes or Beatport.


Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Tickling the Gooch.

Afternoon gentleman. As I sit in a unbelievable hungover state in my bed, occasionally walking to the toilet for a sit down piss, It's given me a bit of time to pick a few tunes for you lot. I'll get straight to it.

First up, a second version. James Blake. As much as I enjoyed Mr Blake's debut album, it was lacking my favourite aspects of his past work - the estranged warble, synth organ swelling contrasted with bizzare plucking, filtered vocal snippets, all mixed in with with the bass from 'Footnotes'. I don't know if anyone else feels the same way, but there we go. Anyways, Mr Blake has reworked one of his tunes to a bigger beauty than it already was. I love the cowbell, it really does make it. Hopefully this is a taster of things to come.

James Blake - Give the Man a Rod (Second Version)

Next up is a man who brought an absolute game changer to the Dubstep scene in late 2009/2010, it's Emalkay. I recently purchased his new LP 'Eclipse' and it is actually far better than I thought it was going to be, because every single tune is masterfully produced. Chilled and sexy in places, and tastefully rowdy in others; Emalkay has obviously kept his thinking hat on for the last few years.
This track features the creaming voice of Dee Fearon of Baby D (Let me be your fantasy). Sweet. It's an absolute cracker of a track, with synths attacking you from all directions and some lovely bass below. Get this in your life.

Emalkay - Keep Moving on (feat. Baby D)

Third is a man I pretty much know nothing about, giving that there is very little information of him on the internet. His name is Joe - so google search is kind of tricky. What I do know is I heard this around last November, and the other day it got a release on the Hessle Audio's unbelievable compilation '116 and Rising' - you should go buy it. Even features a top sample nicked off the film Boogie Knights......

...Hahaha. Anyway, this sample chucked in with some shifting minimal tech vibe, mixed in with some lounge - then adding some crisp piano jazz, makes this beautiful track perfect. An Essential.

Joe - Twice

Rising DnB Star Fred V brings us the next tune. Fred goes from strength to strength with his soulful sounds, and is highly regarded in the industry. Bath Spa's finest bring's us this cracking remix which I heard a while ago on a mixtape, but finally found a version...and now I can share that with you. Pump the nostalgia in a new vibe. What a great tune to play around with.

Layo & Bushwacker! - Love Story (Fred V Remix)

Finally, a tune off the cracking Ramadanman/Pearson sound Fabriclive 56 album...a guy called 'Elgato' with a tune called 'Music'. Again, not much information on this fella that I could find. I'm trying to find the right words to describe the sound of this production.....Just listen to it, you won't regret it. Probably the right phrase is 'fuck brostep'.

Elgato - Music (Body Mix)



Monday, 16 May 2011


The other day I ventured into London to check out my friend, and a very talented young man, named Rocky Nti play a set at the Wheelbarrow in Camden. Before his performance, he said, 'Oh, you should meet my mate James!'. The 'James' I realised upon turning around was actually producing machine Jakwob, who had come to check out Rocky's performance also.

To my knowledge the two of them are doing some collab work for Jakwob's new LP in the studio - and I am very interested to see what Jakwob's A-game producing skills mixed up with Rocky's raw soulful voice can come up with.

Anyways, this nicely brings me to Jakwob's new EP, 'Right Beside You'. It's good. Even though the title tune 'Right Beside You' contains a commerical-esque sound, I really don't mind, since the tune itself has lovely shades of light and dark with such overall tight as furrk producing skills. And also I like the fact that Jakwob is collaborating with other UK acts, since we are all in it together right!? However, Jakwob does a complete switch up with another tune off the EP called 'Boomer' which I did not expect at all from the likes of the chap! It's....well....booming! Very dark, unlike Jakwob's earlier stuff, and it just goes to show this boy has come along way since his first release - and gives himself as a producer far more depth.

Also, chucked in on the EP is a remix from DJ Fresh - who claims this remix is....wait...future jungle!? Whaa? Jiggies? Even though it's a great little remix....future jungle? Pfft. Too many people make up genres these days! Seriously Zinc....crack house!?Haha. Let's hope he's delivering an ironic message.

Jakwob - Boomer

Download Jakwob Boomer

Jakwob - Right Beside Ya (DJ Fresh Future Jungle Remix)

Download Jakwob Right Beside You (DJ Fresh Future Jungle Remix)


I am not a massive fan of Cookie Monsta....however this tune....Well, let's just say my sub caught alight and pretty much burnt ALL my Gooch hairs off this morning upon listening. Skank on.

Frozen - Freestylers (Cookie Monsta Remix)- REMOVED



totally sebastiAn

High above the slopes of Montmartre is a billowing cloud of smoke. But this is not the kind of smoke one finds radiating off the steaming hot girls of Paris. No, the source of this plume has been exhaled from a quiet, enigmatic Frenchman; named simply SebastiAn.

For three or so years the Ed Banger obsessive have been through head-banging torture waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting. With impatience brings the daily bombardment of "when's the Uffie album coming out?", "are Justice going to release another bloody album or what?" and "fucking hell is SebastiAn's album ever going to see the light of day?" - just some of what Busy P has had to swallow and politely address. 
But what's the old expression - you wait for one Ed Banger release and three come along at once?

Between putting together a live set, producing a few tracks-for-friends and composing a couple of film scores, the SebastiAn cooling tower has been puffing away, with the man inside fusing together a full length LP, and a rather generous one at that - energised by 22 tracks (although 8 of which are 'interludes' each under a minute long).

The wait for Total has been totally well worth it. Within seconds of opener 'Hudson River' you know the record will: a) burn with that distinctive, punchy SebastiAn sound and b) be really really good.

The Prince-esque 'Love in Motion (featuring Mayer Hawthorne)' and tres chic 'Embody' pull Seb up from the dark, industrial belly and out into the fresh air.
Old favourites 'Ross Ross Ross', 'Kindercut', 'Motor' and 'Doggg' all make welcome returns, alongside the new candidates which, for me, constitute much of the second half of the album.

The Breakbot-friendly 'Arabest' has already brought out some mind-boggling, c.1960's moves from my old man; 'Prime', which follows, brings SebastiAn fans back to an apocalyptic reality. 
Harpsichordal 'Terta' (co-produced by label mate and smoking buddy Gaspard Auge [the hairy one from Justice]) wouldn't be too out of place on a DatA or Birdy Nam Nam record; and 'Yes' answers the question "has SebastiAn absolutely nailed this record?".

Download SebastiAn Love In Motion (feat. Mayer Hawthorne)

SebastiAn - Love in Motion (feat. Mayer Hawthorne)

Download SebastiAn Arabest

SebastiAn - Arabest

Download SebastiAn Prime

SebastiAn - Prime

Download SebastiAn Tetra

SebastiAn - Tetra

Download SebastiAn Yes

SebastiAn - Yes

Pre-order Total here.


Friday, 13 May 2011


For a lot of people dubstep is probably like Marmite: you either love it or you hate it. I see dubstep as more like peanut butter; everyone likes peanut butter don't they? You're either going to like the smooth, velvety type that just glides over your crumpets/toast/girlfriend's bap or the crunchy stuff that's chunkier, angular and gets stuck in your teeth for the whole week. Of course, you also get the dreadful stuff too; the kind of dubstep that is ruined by some sickly sweet jelly (but it's actually jam isn't it).

Dubstep and Drum & Bass producer, Bluze, is right up there on the top shelf with the smooth organic peanut butters. Forget Sun-Pat or Skippy.

Having entered the music scene as a producer (alongside Indian Ropeman in the UK Hip Hop crew First Down) and signing to Blitz Vinyl to record the seminal World Service LP and Mad Dogs & Englishmen EP, he led a double life in the 90's - making Hip Hop during the week and breakbeat/house at the weekend.

A chance meeting with Hank Shocklee in Miami during the Winter Music Conference in 2008 led to his near-instant conversion to dubstep; it's here that he found his musical home. Deep and soulful, Bluze's work is receiving radio play from every corner of this peanut-butter-loving world, as well as a slap on the back from fellow producers.

With several releases due out this year, 2011 is set to see Bluze emerge as one of the freshest new acts in Dubstep. On Lady Destiny's latest EP, a hotly anticipated set of tracks brings him alongside Benga, Distance and Bugz in the Attic, while his collaboration with electronica artist Kennedy has born fruit with a release on Universal Music.

Expect a string of new releases and remixes through ALTOSYNC but, in the mean time, spread these on your gooleys and the girls will be dropping within seconds.


Thursday, 5 May 2011

mates 2

Hi, yeah, look I know we've been gone a while and we should probably be doing a monster of a post on all sorts of music but this is just going to be a quick one as I'm in the middle of watching Showgirls and I have some personal issues to address.

You might remember I told you briefly about an old chum of mine - Oscar and BAFTA award winning DeadJosh - and when he popped down to film SebastiAn and Breakbot? Well, turns out he's also in some hip band called Lighthouses, who were all over Radio 1 a couple of weeks ago so it's likely you heard this Bloc-Party-meets-Justice / Daft-Punk-stripping-Soulwax / DFA-titwanking-Delphic track.

If you like that you'll definitely like their new work in progress which, at the moment, sounds a little like this.

Keep your eyes peeled for more on these chaps as I'll soon be bullying Josh into conducting an interview and maybe even some exclusives...

Monkers, who's hopelessly routing around Australia in search of a decent dubstep club and some semi-fit girls, is a big boy and reppin' Mixcloud these days. This is his latest.

The two masterminds of anything liquid, Kado, sipped on the bong water and produced something new - a track aptly named 'Something New'.

  Kado - Something New by Kado

One half of Kado, Matt Steel, has blatantly been sacking off Uni and bashing out solo tracks instead. Good lad.

  Matt Steel - Three Sheets to the Wind by Mattsteel

  Matt Steel - Silence by Mattsteel

Finally, a few weeks ago Denzi turned up (uninvited) at my house and, in a couple of short, beer-soaked evenings, we threw together an 808-heavy remix of his epic 'Wilmington Man'.

  Denzi - Wilmington Man (McMess & Denzi Remix) by McMess

There will be more posts and more music very soon. Byeeeeeee

Friday, 25 March 2011

k is for kevin

It's a complete lie when scientists say 'K' is an abbreviation for Ketamine. They were warmer thinking it was the symbol for everyone's favourite unit of temperature measurement, Kelvin. Well, take away the 'l', slide in a Scottish surname and you've got Kevin McKay (no not Donald Trump's ex-con bodyguard). 

Kevin is a talented chap who not only overlooks the antics of Grum, but co-produced one of my favourite records - Mylo's Destroy Rock & Roll. Needless to say I have a lot of admiration for this man.

Under the umbrella of his co-owned label, Glasgow Underground, Kevin has just polished off his latest EP Club World (I'm particularly fond of 'Propaganda') and a remix of Mash's 'Somebody's Property' for our enjoyment.

Kevin McKay - Club World EP by Glasgow Underground

Mash - Somebody's Property (Kevin McKay Remix) by Glasgow Underground


Wednesday, 16 March 2011

RIP nate dogg

Nathaniel Dwayne Hale (August 19, 1969 – March 15, 2011). 

Snoop rightly put it: "u put the g in g-funk... all doggs go to heaven".

Nate Dogg - My Money

Nate Dogg & Warren G - Nobody Does It Better

Warren G & Nate Dogg - Regulate


Thursday, 10 March 2011

Get your Subs pumpin'.

Alrite peepers. This post is dedicated to some of the most electrifying performers I have seen in the last few years (the picture above sums it up). The Subs. I saw them at Fabric's tenth birthday party, as part of a huge lineup of fine artists, and I had heard beforehand of the Subs and indeed jazzed myself silly at the track Mitsubishi, alike this young fine squire:

What I witnessed that day was raw electricity onstage, and I'm sure some of our Gooch readers out there have experienced this too.

However, funny enough when I was in Belgium last week I saw a poster for the Subs playing next week in Liege! Dammit. I'm off my tits on jealousy! Because, what I am so excited is for, is the new album dropping very soon at the end of this month. And when the opening track looks like and sounds like this....

.....You know you're in for a winner. The Subs have made a wonderful track full of their estranged sounds, bizzare intonations with the synths, behind a sinister sounding beat with sound nice overlying crazy vocals (just have a listen). Hopefully the boys are going to give us a whole album full of these well thought out tracks. And it's a nice little video also.

However, off the new Face of the Planet EP comes this little dubstep number. It's pretty darn powerful. Check it out.

NB Warning to DJ's. If you drop this, everyone's face in the crowd will probably melt and disintergrate (if you got powerful subs innit...the SUBS gettit?!!!?.... Right).
The Subs - Face of the Planet (Panametric Remix)

Peas guys and girls!


Wednesday, 9 March 2011


Fitting somewhere within the same bracket as Bestrack, Kolt 13, Danger and early Redial, Subdue are the next set of chaps to graze on the 16-bit Electro plains - shepherded by So French Records. Their EP Horizon is out on the 21st March and features remixes from Bestrack, Kolt 13, Dilemn, Freshlovers, Metropolice and the anticipated return of Revolte.