Sunday, 12 December 2010

Frosty vs. The Smoothest Gooch

With Denzi out of the country (breaking into the Nollywood business) and yours truly finally acquiring a paid job, this poor little blog has been neglected a bit recently. However, after a pint in our quaint, local country pub (which, much to our astonishment, has been rebranded as more of a gay club these days) myself and Dom Frosty (my oldest mate and a very close bruv in the Gooch mandem) drained our glasses and returned to base to upload his design for the blog's new banner (seen above). Better than I'd imagined, Frosty's new pubic logo far exceeds my previous crude (in more than one sense of the word) attempts.

Frosty is a fond admirer of our mate Anoraak, so this one's for him. Much love mate, many thanks again x

  WE HAVE BAND - Love what you doing? (Anoraak remix) by anoraak

McMess (using too many brackets in this post)

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