Friday, 31 December 2010

5 - 1

Even though this is the climax to my top 30, I'm keeping this post short and sweet because, like everyone on New Years Eve, I've got things to do. I'll allow the tracks themselves to do the talking.

I posted this track back in a hot July and it's been stuck by my side through the latter autumn and winter months. It's Muffin... again!

5. them:youth - Fever Rising (Muffin Remix)

This one might initially cause a couple of frowns, but by the time you've listened to Max Richter's mesmerisingly beautiful Infra 5 (from the album Infra) those eye brows will be raised so high they'll be filling in bald spots round the back of your head. Whilst Denzi loudly uses Family Guy or Friends to fall asleep to, I only use Max. His music that is.

4. Max Richter - Infra 5

When you ask someone whether they like the next song they will more than likely say "yeah", which is appropriate as that's the name of it. I've never felt so good about saying the word "yeah" so many times in a row.

3. Boys Noize - Yeah

This is now 2 out of 2 for Russ Chimes just missing out on the top spot (although I did mention yesterday this top 10 is too tight to call). From Kelis to Mark Ronson to Booka Shade, Russ has continued to make the full potential out of an assigned track; the finest, for me, being this soarer. 

2. The Vanish - Hold On (Russ Chimes Mix)

Well this is it then. THE track that's had the biggest impact on me from the last 12 months... I think.
""Oh Shit" is the gleeful reaction I had from the track the first time it bounded into my ears; Night Drugs are essentially what it is; Everybody Needs to listen to this; and Fabian, well... I want to marry him. This is McMess floating on Cloud Cuckoo Land signing out for 2010.

1. Oh Shit! & Night Drugs - Everybody Needs (Fabian Remix)

Right, Champagne time. Happy New Year everyone!

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