Monday, 27 December 2010

30 - 26

Complying with The Smoothest Gooch festive tradition (as of last year) here are 30 tracks which, over the last twelve months, have fueled speakers, crumbled foundations, eradicated neighbourhood relationships and occasionally hardened reproductive organs.

Back in April I
issued a warning to NME magazine in regards to Crystal Castles' sequel album. Reading between the lines and lines of adjectives they essentially described the record as beautiful... I think. Yet somehow they managed to completely avoid mentioning, for me, what is the best track on the album. 
7 out of 10? Pinch of salt. Give it another listen and don't skip this one.

30. Crystal Castles - Suffocation 

Oh how I wish there was an instrumental version of number twenty nine. It is safe to say Pance Party made a euphorically epic party out of The Dance Party's cheesy lo-fi sleepover. Make sure you party to this party track. Party.

29. The Dance Party - Sasha Don't Sleep (Pance Party Remix)

Although sadly excluded from the UK album charts, The Chemical Brothers' seventh studio record, Further, would have been right up there in the album artwork charts for me this year. What's even more surprising is that first single from the album, 'Swoon', entered the charts at #100 and peaked at a miserable #85.

28. The Chemical Brothers - Swoon

Even if they can't seem to play cricket at the moment, the Aussies sure know how to produce an electro album or three. 2010 brought a cosmic debut from Bag Raiders (which included the bonza 'Shooting Stars' and 'Way Back Home'),  a floaty second album from Midnight Juggernauts and a playful debut from the magnificent Miami Horror. I reckon old Punter and his cobbers need to listen to this corker for some inspiration.

27. Miami Horror - Moon Theory

As if Reset!'s spunky 'If We Try' wasn't pumping on full throttle enough; Steed Lord came along, spiked it with viagra and blew it up big time. Crank it!

26. Reset! - If We Try (Steed Lord Remix)


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