Tuesday, 28 December 2010

25 - 21

Since his debut album, Home Sweet Home (essentially the soundtrack of my sixth form years), I've kept an eye on Kano and the gradual progression of his style. This year he released his fourth studio album, Method of the Maadness; a record that features a wealth of talented producers, reiterating Kano's natural talent of knowing what sounds good and current. Nearly a third of the album is produced by Boys Noize, another two are tackled by Hot Chip and the stand out track of the album had Chase & Status behind the controls.

25. Kano - Spaceship

Number twenty four proves that we're not just a blog who are pigeon holed into posting dubstep or electro. Casey Chandler, musically referred to as Galapaghost, is a young chap hailing from Woodstock but now resides in Austin, Texas. Since moving to the self-proclaimed weird and wonderful city, Casey has produced his third and, sadly, final EP. With echoes of Jose Gonzalez, Runnin is a beautiful acoustic record perfect for a honey glazed summer's day in the deep south.

24. Galapaghost - Never Heard Nothin'

On the horizon lurks a storm. Drifting in from the depths of Russia sweeps Unquote's gloomy collaboration with Molecular Structures. No 'Lubov Moya' does not translate as 
"drum n' bass at its greyest" but rather "my love". Me thinks this track will sit cosily between Barry White and Stevie Wonder in my Love Songs Playlist.

If there was ever an album to push you off the fence and into the pit of dubstep then it was always going to be the work of Magnetic Man. I admit it, I had my doubts; 'I Need Air' did not fill me with confidence. On the 11th October however, this all changed. I shouldn't have been so surprised with who the BBC described as "the legends of dubstep". Without a shadow of a doubt Skream, Benga & Artwork have produced one of the albums of the year. I'm probably going to regret putting 'Fire' (featuring Ms Dynamiteat number 23 in a few weeks. Quite frankly, the track is so incredibly grimey I don't think even Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen would be able to resist getting those neck muscles going and euphorically skanking out this meaty banger. If you haven't listened to or bought the album yet then for the love of God do so right now.

22. Magnetic Man - Fire

I haven't been able to walk to the shops without seeing something that relates to German minimal techno duo Booka Shade. I'm not complaining - it's about time these two, after 25 years of music making together, were catching the attention of every Tom, Dick and Harry. I was one of them (probably the dick).

"A melancholy masterpiece of suggestion and atmosphere; all thick bass fog and distant, twinkling digital stars; builds to a breathless, chest-crushing moment, without ever losing its cool". Yes, this is Teenage Spaceman.

21. Booka Shade - Teenage Spaceman


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