Thursday, 30 December 2010

10 - 6

OK now we're into the big boy's league. Picking a favourite between the next 10 has been like trying to pick my top 10 Haribo. So, by all means, take the order in which you find them as 'fairly loose'.

I'd be lying if I said I was a fan of Foals' debut album Antidotes. It was probably a combination of hearing 'Cassius' far too many times on the radio, topped by a mate of mine calling me 
Yannis Philippakis every time we met for a pint. However I was mightily impressed with the maturity of second album Total Life Forever and in particular beautiful 6 minute Black Gold. 

I was still playing with action men when I was 17, not producing the sweetest dreamwave synth like young Melbourne resident Muffin right here.

The night I got my hands on a 320 of Wolfgang Gartner's crunchy Undertaker was an absolute cracker of a night. As the taxi driver pulled me away from my room in a headlock, I'd just finished burning my last CD with one track on it. Twenty minutes later I opened my set with this and the place went fucking mental.

I think I said everything I could about Grum's debut album, Heartbeats, and certainly this track.

Can you imagine the look on Skream and Artwork's faces when they found out that, after tireless weeks in the studio polishing one of their tracks with Katy B, their band mate Benga had been sneaking off to bash out a cheeky remix for Perfect Stranger (which turns out to be miles better than the original and my pick of the dubstep this year). Disgraceful behaviour, but nonetheless... THIS. IS. MASSIVE!


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