Monday, 15 November 2010


I'm pretty sure that if Russ Chimes was pulled apart and re-assembled into an electronic device it would be thinner than an anorexic MacBook Air, quicker than a John Barnes best man speech, more fun than Call of Duty: Community Support Officers and 100 times more reliable than my repeat prescription of Creative Zen Micros circa 2006. Apps available might include iCoffee, Russ Chimes Graphic Design Doodle Jump, Touch Ellie Goulding and Lonely Planet's South/East London Guide.
On a semi-serious note, perhaps someone should build an app that will enable any song in their library to be given the Russ Chimes treatment? Personally, I'd like to see a remix of Wagner.

For now, here's a more progressive remix of the angular and symmetrical iSquare.

ISquare - Hey Sexy Lady - Russ Chimes Remix by EyeIndustriesRemixes


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