Sunday, 21 November 2010

Good thing's come in Threes.

So there is three songs. They are all heavily massive. I suggest you plug in your headphones (let's say no to all laptop speakers in future yeah?) or speakers, wham these tunes on, and these will undoubtedly rise the foggy mist from your hangover. Let's not lie. No one got laid last night, they probably just stayed in a hotel room and spooned a couple of girls. Mentioning no names. But I am CLEARLY not one to talk about drunken antics circa Guildford DJing friday night.

Anyway, first tune. If James Blake put on his dancing shoes, it would sound like this? This is Fantastic Mr Fox, and I am giving him Denzi's hot tip of the year....I reckon 2011 could see great things for this chap. This is from his brand new EP Evelyn, and it is my favourite tune on it.

Fantastic Mr Fox - Over

The electro Italian in London, it's Phonat. If you havn't heard Phonat's new EP cockroaches, I suggest you get on it (buy it from here). It's soulful and packed with all sorts of musical gems, and shows that Phonat has pushed his sound to another level. This song, 'Intimate Confessions' is just a great piece of work, and for some reason makes me feel nostalgic about French house music (mabye on similar vibe to Daft Punk's old stuff). Just an incredibly sexy song.

Phonat - Intimate Confessions

And well, it's Simian mobile Disco's new one. The other day I posted this on our facebook page as the year's most bizzare video. I'm sure you'll agree. I do love bizarre things though. And the tune's not bad at all either! I'm looking forward to what else SMD have got lined up for his in the near future.

Simian Mobile Disco - Sweetbread



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