Tuesday, 9 November 2010

anoraak interview

For most people 'Anoraak' will more than likely conjure up thoughts of a spotty middle aged man, wearing a woolly hat and thick glasses, standing on Kings Cross station, clutching a clipboard and reciting numbers to himself. However us nerds or trainspotters abhor our disparaged, stereotyped identity and comprehend such an association avec une French electro-pop producer as an alternative.
Anoraak, named perhaps because he repels drizzly/stormy music [I should have asked him in hindsight], has a perfectly balanced terroir and is right up there with the Pessac-Leognans and Sancerres of this world. Ever since the early days of EP Nightdrive With You, his handful of originals and remixes have shone like beacons on my mountain of electro. His debut LP Wherever The Sun Sets, a record I eagerly anticipated, was released a couple of months ago and paints warm, romantic landscapes on my mind's canvas with each track. 

I managed to pester Frederic while he was on tour and ask him a couple of questions that were on my mind...

McMess: What made you decide you wanted to make the beautiful type of music you do today? Have you ever have a crack at any other genres? 

Anoraak: I've been making music for a long time, so i crossed many periods and genres. I also played in many rock bands as a guitarist, drummer or bass player depending on the projects. I think when you make music, you're making your own mix-up, for my part, i think my biggest influences are coming from late 70's black music, 80's mainstream and 90's alternative rock, to make it quick. But you definitely get influenced by every single music you hear, that's my opinion. 

McMess: I absolutely love the album and find it difficult to decide on a favourite track off it. Can you pinpoint one that's your favourite or do you have the same problem as me? 

Anoraak: It's tricky to ask that ;) I basically like each song of the album, and i picked all of them because they were all particular from the others. I had much more songs before making the final recordings, but i had to make choices. 

McMess: Which bands/artists/producers are you most excited about for the future months/years and recommend a good listen to? 

Anoraak: One of the best records of the year for me is Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti last release, Before Today. That being said, i discovered lately an Australian band called The Swiss, really amazing live (i heard they are going to be the backing band for Aeroplane liev performances) and one of the guys has a project called Luke Million, i really love it. But i think we could write pages about the incoming new good artists :) 

McMess: Whether realistic or not, who would you most like to collaborate with or do a remix of? 

Anoraak: Totally not realistic, a session with Bernard Edwards (Chic bass player and founder). 

McMess: There always has to be a typical silly question to finish on, sorry. I used to work in a cheese shop and, stereotypically, the French are supposed to be the real cheese connoisseurs. Which cheeses (let's say 4) would make your ultimate cheese board? 

Anoraak: Wow that's a good question! And i love cheese aha! Let's say: Cabecou, Boulette d'Avène, Cantal, Ossau-Iraty (with a Bask cerise noire marmelade).

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