Friday, 19 November 2010

All the way from Santa Cruz: Vital SC

A lovely man by the name of Santi Torrecilla contacted me on FB a while ago. And I'm damn sure he did.

Santi is one of two entrepreneurs who runs Vital SC, based out of Santa Cruz, California. The company specialize in event production and artist management. Santi has claimed that ''Santa Cruz can easily be said to be the dubstep capital of the United States with artists such as Bassnectar and Mimosa coming from this most grimiest of towns''. And I have just found out that Skrillex and Nero are coming STRAIGHT to Surf City of the man Santi's facebook. Big stuff.

So, a little about the Santa Cruz artist's that Vital SC works with.

First up, I took a straight liking to. It's Minnesota. Listen to this.

Minnesota - DUNE

This tune offers a lovely refreshing sound, merging some real powerful rising wubs with some DUNE samples accompanyed by some 80s synthy keyboards to match in the break.

And a blast from the past, a great remix of Riverside. Very sick drop on this about 1.48, and the orignal tune is so old now so it has great nostalgic value of dropping in a club!Ha. I know I'll be dropping it at the FIRST 'Smoothest Gooch House Party' in Bristol on the 3rd of December with McMess. (More details to be revealed about upcoming events).

Sidney Samson - Riverside (Minnesota Remix)

Next up we have another guy called Getter, who's attracting alot of attention over the Atlantic by one of Datsik's record labels rumour has it. Check out his remix of 'Like a G6'. Similar vibe to Datsik/Excision with very metallic in your face wubs, if that's your cup of tea.

Fly Like a G6 (Getter Remix) FULL by Getter

Enjoy these, and prepare for some big posts in the next few days as I have been off the rader for far too long serving country bumpkins the finest of Ale in Hertfordshire.

Fuck, I love IPA though.

And If you liked what you heard here, check out Vital SC's facebook group for all upcoming events, including LA Riots and Donald Glaude today. (click for event information).



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