Sunday, 17 October 2010

Late Night Dub.

Hello you lovelies! How is it cold enough in Hertfordshire to ice over your nan's drive, and it's only October? Jesus. Well. If you're freezing alike myself, you'll be wanting some tunes to bop along to and bring up that temperature of yours. Yeah, of course you do darling.

Remember Pendulum back in the day? Yea. Wern't they so much better? Painkiller. One of their last decent songs (I'm really sorry to say, but I do not rate them at all now), get's a lovely dub rework by Kouncilhouse, and fuck me, this does really rock the estate.
Pendulum - Painkiller (Kouncilhouse Remix)

Next up, a great old school tune. Apparently released in 2005, but my ears hadn't been grazed with it's garage beauty till the other day. Big old school nostaliga. Wookie brings us this.

Gabrielle - Sunshine (Wookie Remix)

This is beautiful. Came out this year, but again, only just found out what it was. I heard it aaages ago on a Giles Peterson (utter king) show on Radio 1. Throwing Snow is the artist. Four Tet, Joy Orbison kind of vibe, and when it hits 2.46 it's so damn tasty! This is an essential for any true music fans. Definitely keep an eye on this interesting man.

Throwing Snow - Un Vingt

And to finish off, a sound that is if the Boog-a-Loo Crew and Joker made a child, this is the sound the child would make. A lovely little Starkey remix, with some really interesting producing. I'm not a massive Starkey fan, but this tune is ace though. Sounds like a lovely original also.

Rudi Zygadlo - Resealable Friendship (Starkey Remix)

This will make things hotter than your nan's iron kettle.



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