Monday, 11 October 2010

Keeping on Topic: Flux Pavilion brand spanking new EP.

What it says on the tin. Picking up from where McMess left off, It's brand new Flux Pavilion! Oh, hi by the way! You probably havn't noticed but I've been absent for a while on account of touring Eastern Europe and the always exotic Bath. However, this will make up for it. Every time I write a post about Flux, I always write some soppy namby pamby stuff like 'Flux is the man at the top of the dubstep scene at the moment'. Well, nothing has changed. Flux repeatedly kills it with every EP he releases. Nothing will stop him I reckon, not even a dubstep meteor to the face.

Entitled 'Lines on Wax', Flux Pavilion collaborates with english hip hop/dubstep enthusiasts 'Foreign Beggars' who are also getting more and more know for their 'dub-hop' (Yeah, I just made a name for it). Lines on Wax is a tune which will make your ears bleed no doubt, heavy wubs counteracted with shrill synths. A lovely jump up dub tune.

Flux Pavilion & Foreign Beggars - Lines in Wax

However, my favourite tune off the EP is 'Haunt You'. It has such a fresh sound, and the sample that Flux utilises is just perfect to float over the top. This leaves such a ghostly sound - which is picked up in the break, which is beautifully worked with some piano and ultimately gives the tune a whole new depth. This song is easily in my top ten tunes of the year.

Flux Pavilion - Haunt You

Flux, well done pal.


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