Tuesday, 19 October 2010

claes rosen's freakend

After a bleak morning shuffling around the arse-end of Hastings, slumped on a crusty Job Centre sofa next to someone who can't spell their own name, I'm very grateful to Claes Rosen and his freshly released EP Freakend. On what was a seemingly dilapidated day, Claes' new record has brought some much needed nourishment and photosynthesized my wilting, unemployed (thus useless) limbs; I practically marched home. As a further adverse effect I might drop Claes a line and see if he wants to team up and pilot a soap set within a Job Centre called 'Freakenders'. Thoughts?

   Claes Rosen - Grooves Happen 112kbps by SpaceWalker Recordings


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