Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Vaski: Hurricane EP

Aiiiite pals! Hope you are all wonderful. It's been a while since I have brought you a post, since I've been messing around in Scotland, then at Bestival last weekend (post to come later describing the experience). But I stumbled upon something today whilst perusing the internet which I thought may be of interest. Mainly because it is filthy, very very filthy dubstep.

Now normally I would just would just download some Vaski, have a think of posting it pon the Gooch - and then think the better of it and put it to one side in the dust of my hard drive. The last Vaski tune I heard worth posting was 'Might Like You Better'. That was over a year ago. Vaski now, in my opinion, hasn't just produced a great track, but an all-round great EP. Some very tight wubs, some lovely whipping snares - and just general great production standards. Here, Vaski takes his production to a new level, and just takes his dubstep to a new, far more varied interesting level. I think you'll agree. Well done Vaski. Here's some highlights of the EP. Buy Hurricane now here.

Vaski - Hurricane

Vaski - Lost My Mind

Vaski - Game Face



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