Friday, 3 September 2010

ode to denzi

Today has been the 22nd birthday of Denzi. The man is hopefully, as I type, being violently sick through his nose in an alleyway in Bath. As I am unable to celebrate this moment with him and I'm too much of a shit mate to ever buy him a present, I thought it best and cheaper to dedicate a post to him (accompanied by a few tracks that are sentimental to both of us as a pair of mates/DJs).

Apart from the fact he looked like a right prick, the first thing I noticed about Denzi was his loud mouth shouting off about Daft Punk and Justice. It was at this point I realised 'Good, some people at this Uni like the music I do then' and 'where can I buy earplugs?' With a crate of Stella we soon discovered that we'd probably bumped into each other when Justice had their exclusive D.A.N.C.E. release party at Mean Fiddler a few months before Uni. We vowed to see them again together in Bristol this time round. Here's what it would have sounded like (minus the technical difficulties and chorus of boo's when we saw them).

Justice - Genesis (Live)

The word 'dwee' will probably mean absolutely nothing to you, but because of this song it means a hell of a lot to us.

Daft Punk - Make Love

As I said, it's no secret that Denzi is one of the loudest men in the history of mankind. According to Wikipedia he was actually used, on a number of occasions, during WW2 as an emergency air-raid siren along the south coast of England. Having such an unnecessarily loud voice meant that to listen to music he had to purchase Was 3000 speakers. It's therefore no surprise that I heard him playing this beautiful song EVERY SINGLE NIGHT.

Sebastien Tellier - La Ritournelle (Mr Dan's Mix)

As you might have already gathered, I hate Denzi deep down. We've have our odd blowouts now and then. That's what passionate mates do, especially when it's over/about music. The latest one involved DRT - Rising Sun (Boogaloo Crew Remix) which I pointed out used samples from Ratatat's Seventeen Years, much to Denzi's astonishing and categorically vehement denial. In truth, he's never heard Seventeen Years before so I think now is the time.

Ratatat - Seventeen Years

Mind you, as much as I hate the bloke, he did get me into a genre I am rather fond of these days. This was the first dubstep track he exposed me to and it's still one of my favourites.

Benny Page & Zero G - Panpipes

Finally, I thought I'd aptly end on Denzi's favourite ever song and one that we both absolutely love... Ha.

Pink - So What (Bimbo Jones Radio Edit)

Happy Birthday mate!

McMess (with love)


  1. Happy birthday and nice post :)
    out of interest, when did you see justice in bristol? and what audio player do you use for this blog? Much love! X