Thursday, 16 September 2010

electric youth

I massively admire the couple above. They are Austin and Bronwyn, two middle school sweethearts who decided that the best way to share and demonstrate their love was not to smooch at the back of the theatre during every movie or grind all over each other at every school dance, but to make hot, steaming... music together. Indeed, it's evident from listening to the glossy 80's indie-synth of Electric Youth that their fondness for each other has transfused into their small handful of pretty, romantic songs. From the early 'Replay' to 'Lying Still', successful collaborations with Valerie's College, right up to last years 'Faces' and this years Grum 'Turn It Up' contribution, their music keeps getting juicier and sexier. So as a big fan you can imagine how pleased I felt when the pair emailed and shipped over their latest demo 'Right Back To You' which, as the pattern continues, is their most energetic and best work to date. If, like me, you love Paul Engemann's 'Scarface (Push It To The Limit)', then this is right up your street.

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