Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Bestival Weekend.

(Above: Oh that? That's me with the legend, Beardyman (and the famous Anoush). When I gave him a small drunken interview I asked.

"Denzi: So where do you see yourself in a years time?
Beardyman: I'm going to change the world"

.....standard response really. Love it.)

For one of the smallest counties in England, The Isle of Wight managed to house a gargantuan line up last weekend at Bestival. And this post is going to make your stomach turn upside down and clench in complete pain at the fact that you didn't splash 150 quid on a ticket (McMess).

The festival was well set up, and was a weekend of clean good old clean intoxicated fun, where everyone was just about the love, sharing and the music. And oh boy! What a selection of troublemaking artists did I see.

I'll proceed with some of my highlights.

Up first was an absolute afternoon delight of musical flowers. That's right, it's my favourite, your favourite, Jebadiah's favourte...Mount Kimbie. Seeing these two boys perform pretty much their new EP Crooks and Lovers live was a real treat. When I looked round I could see the audience just standing around mesmerised by their lovely hooks and ethereal shades of emotion. Well done lads. Very interested to see what's next for them.

Mount Kimbie - Baves Chords

Next up on a similar vibe, it's Four Tet. I think if James Blake had played this festival, I might have blown my load everywhere. However, he didn't, so my load stayed in tact. Four Tet played a lovely set, even dropping Moth (produced with Burial) which was pretty much my highlight. However, what slightly marred this set, and every set in the 'Big Top' tent was the sound, such issues! I don't know what was going through whoever kept twiddling around with the knobs in the tent, but it just never was right all weekend. For Annie Mac, I could stand right at the front of the tent housing about 5000 people, and could hear myself speak, clearly. So Rob Da Bank, I know you're reading this, next year...sort it out please!

Anyways, here's a treat. A RARE Four Tet from a long long while ago. Enjoy this.

The Chordettes - Mr Sandman (Four Tet Remix)

Next are a band who I had never previously heard of before, but I tell you what, the lovely bunch of guys I had befriended took me off on a trip to see em'. And you know what, they got it right on money (what do you expect but a wicked taste in music from Kimbie fans?!). Headed by the singer Conor J. O'Brien, the Villagers. The Villagers were nominated for a Mercury Music Prize this year, and since they were only formed last year, have gone strength to strength. But these boys deserve it. With completely dark and enticing lyrics, and a voice which just puts you in a hypnotic trance, Conor J. O'Brien and the Villagers are going to be the next big thing. I promise you. Check out this beautiful video and mp3 of one of the standout songs in their set.

The Villagers - The Meaning of a Ritual

Caribou were amazing. I don't need to say anything else, except that seeing them live is one of the best things ever - their whole set had an epic nature, and I'm so glad I caught 'em. Be my friend and come watch them again with Four Tet and Nathan Fake at the Coronet theatre in November. Woop.

Caribou - Odessa

What a great festival. Props to Rob Da Bank!




Just a quick one, adding on to yesturdays post about Riz MC. Just got sent over 18 year old apparent dubstep prodigy Numan's remix of the tune Get On It. Nice little remix, slight Joker vibe going on. Be a cheeky rascal and give it a listen.

Riz Mc - Get On It (Numan Remix)

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