Thursday, 30 September 2010

chapel club

The BBC described them as a band with an "austere appearance" who tell "ominous indie tales". The Guardian ostentatiously noted that their guitars "sound like your mum's hoover eating the electric supply" and a week later said there was "an oddness to them that's refreshing". The Independent  found their debut single, 'Surfacing', "bold, brutal and lyrically captivating" suggesting they're the next "hotly tipped London band". "Mumbled monotone vocals... [from] the look of a man who's just spotted the goblin at the back of the room" is what the London Evening Standard poignantly had to say. Most of these sources have already said, much to the band's categorical denial, that they're the next White Lies. Lewis Bowman, the band's lead singer, revealed in last weeks NME that "there's a melancholia to [their music]... It's the contrast, the dark meeting the light. That's what life's about. Anyone that pegs us as 'gloomy' is missing half of what's there". We say they're East London's very own Chapel Club; the most exciting new band in the country.

Lewis, for whom I am very grateful of, took the time out of his busy schedule to answer a few questions that have been on my mind. Unsurprisingly, from a man at ease and full of confidence, his answers are honest, witty and erudite.

McMess: I'm sure you've been asked this too many times recently but briefly tell us how you met. Can you remember what your first impressions of each other were? 

Lewis: We all lived in East London and went to similar clubs and parties and stuff. So we just met, as people do, through chance or mutual friends. Mike, who plays guitar, was at the centre of it all – he was like a little spider twitching the threads of this web, drawing everyone in. We all got along really well pretty much on first meeting: we were friends before we were in a band together. My first impressions were probably quite cautious, because it takes me a long time to feel comfortable with anyone new. But I thought the guys were funny, which was the most important thing. We all share a similar sense of humour and because of that we all became close quite quickly.

McMess: What's the story behind the name of the band? Does it have anything to do with a fondness for religious buildings? 

Lewis: Um, I am quite fond of religious buildings I guess, but really it came from a broader interest in religion, religious imagery and religious language. I’m into the poetry of it all. Besides that, we needed a name really badly: we were about to put a single out (or we thought we were). I suggested Chapel Club and it didn’t provoke outrage, so it stuck.

McMess: As a club, if you were to have a sixth band member, how would they be initiated?

Lewis: Wow, I don’t know that I’d like a sixth member. The membership has closed. Five different opinions are easily enough to deal with. If we were to have a sixth member though, the only prerequisite for me would be breasts and a vagina. Not for sexual reasons. I just think six dudes together would be too much. We’d need a girl to stop us regressing completely on the tourbus. I already feel like I’ve devolved about ten years in the past twelve months. The shit that comes out of my mouth in jest nowadays is fucking mental, I’m half-caveman.

McMess: Who are your musical and non-musical influences?

Lewis: Our musical influences are pretty wide and changing all the time, but there are certain bands that seem to get played/mentioned more than others: My Bloody Valentine, Deerhunter, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Scott Walker, Arthur Russell. Outside of music, there’s always a lot of talk about films (Dogtooth being the latest that has had us all excited) and books. I’m reading Leviathan by Peter Hoare at the moment, which is incredible, and incredibly sad. I wouldn’t be surprised if the lyrics on the next record see me come over all cetacean. Maybe we’ll call it Blowhole.

McMess: Do your family genuinely enjoy the music you make? Are any of them even better and come along to your gigs?

Lewis: All our families seem pretty into it, yeah. My Mum is like our biggest fan, I have to update her on every bit of news we get and when people criticise the songs, she literally starts talking murder. And she is like the gentlest, most loving woman the rest of the time. But it’s nice to know she has my back. And she comes to all the London shows too, along with most of the rest of my family, so people should be aware of that if they ever think of heckling us.

McMess: Having the likes of Paul Epworth and an old mate of mine, Jamie Ellis, producing your records must be a pretty exciting prospect? How have these two chaps helped to shape your sound?

Lewis: Paul is a bona fide musical genius and working with him was a pleasure. I had no real experience of the process and he made me feel so at home in the studio. He speaks more articulately about what he hears in the music he loves than do most music writers, and his knowledge is too vast for me to get my head around. Mike described him to me perfectly the other day. He said Paul is like a captain during the First World War – he has that rare charm and integrity that would see you go over the top for and with him. I have boundless respect for Paul and how he opened us up to the possibilities in ourselves, as individuals and as a band. Lots of love there.

Jamie is a friend of mine from school days and we met him while working with Paul. He’s kind of just starting out in his career and when we needed to do some B-sides on the quick, we asked if he’d be interested in helping out. So far, everything we’ve done with him – most of which isn’t out there yet – has sounded amazing, and he’s helped us to move on with our sound. So yeah, another great, very talented and lovely guy.

McMess: You're currently out on the prestigious NME Radar Tour, which city or cities are you most excited about playing and which band(s) are you looking forward to meeting on your travels?

Lewis: Well, we’re touring with The Joy Formidable, Flats and Wilder, so I’m looking forward to meeting all of them. We’ve not really toured with anyone before, so it’s about time we made friends with some other bands. As for which cities I’m most looking forward to visiting… wow, that’s tough. It depends on the audiences. I promise to love and adore any of the cities on this tour if the audiences get into the songs and show a little love.
McMess: Are there any bands or artists you're particularly excited about this year?

Lewis: I’m always excited about Deerhunter and anything else Bradford Cox gets involved in; we all are. And I think Flux Pavilion, who just remixed our next single All the Eastern Girls, is doing some pretty amazing stuff. I’m looking forward to hearing Paul Epworth’s solo stuff. And I’m digging Laura Marling and Joanna Newsom – I’d love to see either of them play live if I get the chance. I secretly want to make folk music.

McMess: Exciting new bands, such as yourselves, develop a devoted fanbase pretty quickly. One or two might go a little bit over the top though. Who would be your ideal crazy-fan-who-goes-to-every-gig-and-won't-leave-you-alone?

Lewis: We have some pretty ‘dedicated’ fans already. And we reward them! There’s one guy in Poland who followed us from our earliest days. We sent him free copies of all the singles and stuff like that. I guess my ideal crazy fan would be someone like Werner Herzog. Imagine if he was following you around the world and always hanging out: you’d have some mad interesting conversations but you’d also always be slightly spooked. He’s intense, but with a darkly amusing edge. I’d love to see him sitting backstage talking to other fans, freaking them out with his soft, precise voice. Eventually I hope we’d rope him into doing visuals or directing a video, as if that kind of thing would ever interest him. But generally it’d just be cool to say that the fifty-odd year old German film genius is with us.
McMess: And here comes the typical silly final question (it's a tough one though)... Say you pop into one of those newsagents that sells the full spectrum of chocolate and confectionery. It even sells Walnut Whips. What do you go for?

Lewis: A Picnic. A Picnic has raisins in, so it’s healthier than the other stuff (obviously). I’m more of a savoury man though, if I’m honest.

Wow, I already know that Flux Pavilion remix is going to be big. Lewis and Chapel Club are currently out on the NME Radar Tour so make a note of the following dates and buy the tickets over here:

Tonight - Nottingham Rescue Rooms
Tomorrow - Glasgow King Tuts
2nd Oct - Aberdeen Tunnels
4th Oct - Manchester Academy 3
5th Oct - Newcastle Academy 2
6th Oct - Leeds Cockpit
7th Oct - Stoke Sugarmill
8th Oct - Cardiff Millenium Music Hall
10th Oct - Oxford Academy 2
11th Oct - Brighton Concorde 2 (see you there!)
13th Oct - Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms
14th Oct - London Koko

If you're over the pond and really want to see these chaps too then don't worry they'll be over in the east and west coasts on the following dates:

20th Oct - Brooklyn, NY - CMJ Littlefield (night show)
22nd Oct - New York, NY - CMJ Fadar (afternoon show)
22nd Oct - Brooklyn, NY - CMJ Music Hall of Williamsburg (night show)
23rd Oct - New York, NY - CMJ Urban Outfitters (afternoon show)
25th Oct - LA - Spaceland

You can purchase Chapel Club's previous releases: O Maybe I, Five Trees and if you 'like' the band on Facebook then you can get beautiful 'The Shore' for free. Pre-ordering of new single 'All The Eastern Girls' can be done so right here (the first 200 copies will be signed. Mind you, I'm buying all 200 so good luck).

Keep your eyes and ears peeled for future EPs and debut LP.
Here's an electronic remix from Breton to get those arms and legs loose.

Chapel Club - All The Eastern Girls (Breton Remix)


Wednesday, 29 September 2010

from liverpool to tokyo to linlithgow

Much like a ginger haired man wearing a kilt, Grum remixes are easily distinguishable. They're the ones that take a track and dress it in a vibrant shell suit, groom it a mullet and push it down Linlithgow high street on a brakeless BMX racer. This time it's scouse scallies The Wombats who have had their quirky new track Tokyo (Vampires & Wolves) rubbed in glitter and fitted with some jelly shoes. We've dismantled Thatcherism and been given the green light to post Grum's remix. Instead of buying an Atari off ebay, you may want to purchase the EP, in its entirety, here instead.

Thursday, 23 September 2010


Much like Phil Mitchell attempting cold turkey in the East end, I locked myself away in a dark room for a couple of days (mostly in a puddle of self-pity and not so much a quarry of crack) and assembled a number of beats, bleeps and bobs together to form an 80 minute (I couldn't stop myself) mix of organic minimal house or whatever you chose to call it.

   Hoxton by McMess

Max Richter - Infra 6
Trentemoller - Sycamore Feeling (Gui Boratto Remix)
Booka Shade - Teenage Spaceman
Tony Jaguar - Coco
Deadmau5 - Secondary Complications
Ant Brooks - A New Era
Gui Boratto - Atol 2007
Denis Horvat - Bitch
M.A.N.D.Y. vs. Booka Shade - Donut (Gui Boratto Remix)
The Subs - From Dusk Till Dawn (Joe & Will Ask? Remix)
Mike Rivett - Throato
Booka Shade - In White Rooms
Joe & Will Ask? - Merrygo
Monoroom - Memory Inc Pt. 2 (Gui Boratto Remix)
Telepopmusik - Into Everything (P. Zdar Dub Remix)
Gui Boratto & Martin Eyerer - The Island
Djuma Soundsystem - Les Djinns (Trentemoller Remix)
Ricardo Villalobos - Unflug (Good Groove & Yapacc Remix)
Martini Bros - From Buleaux (Konrad Black Remix)
Gui Boratto - Notations


Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Darker than the Usual.

On perusing my favourite dubstep sources, I came across a lovely little treat which has been around for a while now. It is darker than the usual dubstep stuff I post, the metallic sounds arn't usually really my cup of tea, but I just love the sample used. And I suppose the fact that Elmer Fudd is sampled is an added bonus. This VIP version and the original were produced last year.New Zealand boy Misshin presents.

Misshin - Wabbit (VIP)



Monday, 20 September 2010

The Recluse, Nero Remix.

Constant contributor to the dub circuit, Nero, takes on Plan B's new single 'The Recluse'. As per usual, absolute quality producing; a heavy drop, a lovely second drop and some lovely shifting tonal wubs throughout. Check it out. A head bopper for sure.

Plan B - The Recluse (Nero Remix)



Sunday, 19 September 2010

something about this song

To cut a long story short, my favourite track on Daft Punk's Discovery is the very beautiful 'Something About Us'. I have safeguarded this song for many years and stubbornly refused to enjoy any other versions or remixes of it. In fact, only two alternatives to the original have penetrated my defences. The first was Ben Double M's mash-up with Sade's Jezebel.

Daft Punk vs. Sade - Something About Jezebel

The second happened earlier today when Seattle's Shaprece sent us her lovely soulful reprise.

Daft Punk - Something About Us (Shaprece Reprise)


Saturday, 18 September 2010


Everyone's favourite wacky hat wearing Manc, Jay Kay the jam-funk master himself is back with his first album in five years. Wait, five years? The man's now forty! So while you're giving your little sister a 'pinch, punch, first of the month (and no returns)' on the 1st November, you might want to chuck a coat on, pop down to the shops and purchase Rock Dust Light Star. Preceding this release is first single, track 2 on the album and [insert high street shop]-friendly 'White Knuckle Ride' dropping officially on 4th October. In-demand French remixer Alan Braxe has given the track a once over, added a couple of synthesizer bits and made it sound sort of more like this:

Jamiroquai - White Knuckle Ride - Alan Braxe Remix by EyeIndustriesRemixes


Friday, 17 September 2010

too long... since a decent daft punk remix

Wow, we're one of probably many who have had this little gem sent in to us. I can safely say this is the best remix of a Daft Punk track I've heard in a long time.

Daft Punk - Too Long (NAPT N-Funk Remix)


Thursday, 16 September 2010

electric youth

I massively admire the couple above. They are Austin and Bronwyn, two middle school sweethearts who decided that the best way to share and demonstrate their love was not to smooch at the back of the theatre during every movie or grind all over each other at every school dance, but to make hot, steaming... music together. Indeed, it's evident from listening to the glossy 80's indie-synth of Electric Youth that their fondness for each other has transfused into their small handful of pretty, romantic songs. From the early 'Replay' to 'Lying Still', successful collaborations with Valerie's College, right up to last years 'Faces' and this years Grum 'Turn It Up' contribution, their music keeps getting juicier and sexier. So as a big fan you can imagine how pleased I felt when the pair emailed and shipped over their latest demo 'Right Back To You' which, as the pattern continues, is their most energetic and best work to date. If, like me, you love Paul Engemann's 'Scarface (Push It To The Limit)', then this is right up your street.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Riz MC

A man who's lived in a shadows for a while now, but I often hear his name pop up. His album, entitled MICroscope drops in January 2011. This is just to eat up whilst you wait around till then. Interesting to see what else the man brings. Check out all his news and updates at a pretty epic website found here.

Riz MC - Get On It from Sam Pilling on Vimeo.



Vaski: Hurricane EP

Aiiiite pals! Hope you are all wonderful. It's been a while since I have brought you a post, since I've been messing around in Scotland, then at Bestival last weekend (post to come later describing the experience). But I stumbled upon something today whilst perusing the internet which I thought may be of interest. Mainly because it is filthy, very very filthy dubstep.

Now normally I would just would just download some Vaski, have a think of posting it pon the Gooch - and then think the better of it and put it to one side in the dust of my hard drive. The last Vaski tune I heard worth posting was 'Might Like You Better'. That was over a year ago. Vaski now, in my opinion, hasn't just produced a great track, but an all-round great EP. Some very tight wubs, some lovely whipping snares - and just general great production standards. Here, Vaski takes his production to a new level, and just takes his dubstep to a new, far more varied interesting level. I think you'll agree. Well done Vaski. Here's some highlights of the EP. Buy Hurricane now here.

Vaski - Hurricane

Vaski - Lost My Mind

Vaski - Game Face



Bestival Weekend.

(Above: Oh that? That's me with the legend, Beardyman (and the famous Anoush). When I gave him a small drunken interview I asked.

"Denzi: So where do you see yourself in a years time?
Beardyman: I'm going to change the world"

.....standard response really. Love it.)

For one of the smallest counties in England, The Isle of Wight managed to house a gargantuan line up last weekend at Bestival. And this post is going to make your stomach turn upside down and clench in complete pain at the fact that you didn't splash 150 quid on a ticket (McMess).

The festival was well set up, and was a weekend of clean good old clean intoxicated fun, where everyone was just about the love, sharing and the music. And oh boy! What a selection of troublemaking artists did I see.

I'll proceed with some of my highlights.

Up first was an absolute afternoon delight of musical flowers. That's right, it's my favourite, your favourite, Jebadiah's favourte...Mount Kimbie. Seeing these two boys perform pretty much their new EP Crooks and Lovers live was a real treat. When I looked round I could see the audience just standing around mesmerised by their lovely hooks and ethereal shades of emotion. Well done lads. Very interested to see what's next for them.

Mount Kimbie - Baves Chords

Next up on a similar vibe, it's Four Tet. I think if James Blake had played this festival, I might have blown my load everywhere. However, he didn't, so my load stayed in tact. Four Tet played a lovely set, even dropping Moth (produced with Burial) which was pretty much my highlight. However, what slightly marred this set, and every set in the 'Big Top' tent was the sound, such issues! I don't know what was going through whoever kept twiddling around with the knobs in the tent, but it just never was right all weekend. For Annie Mac, I could stand right at the front of the tent housing about 5000 people, and could hear myself speak, clearly. So Rob Da Bank, I know you're reading this, next year...sort it out please!

Anyways, here's a treat. A RARE Four Tet from a long long while ago. Enjoy this.

The Chordettes - Mr Sandman (Four Tet Remix)

Next are a band who I had never previously heard of before, but I tell you what, the lovely bunch of guys I had befriended took me off on a trip to see em'. And you know what, they got it right on money (what do you expect but a wicked taste in music from Kimbie fans?!). Headed by the singer Conor J. O'Brien, the Villagers. The Villagers were nominated for a Mercury Music Prize this year, and since they were only formed last year, have gone strength to strength. But these boys deserve it. With completely dark and enticing lyrics, and a voice which just puts you in a hypnotic trance, Conor J. O'Brien and the Villagers are going to be the next big thing. I promise you. Check out this beautiful video and mp3 of one of the standout songs in their set.

The Villagers - The Meaning of a Ritual

Caribou were amazing. I don't need to say anything else, except that seeing them live is one of the best things ever - their whole set had an epic nature, and I'm so glad I caught 'em. Be my friend and come watch them again with Four Tet and Nathan Fake at the Coronet theatre in November. Woop.

Caribou - Odessa

What a great festival. Props to Rob Da Bank!




Just a quick one, adding on to yesturdays post about Riz MC. Just got sent over 18 year old apparent dubstep prodigy Numan's remix of the tune Get On It. Nice little remix, slight Joker vibe going on. Be a cheeky rascal and give it a listen.

Riz Mc - Get On It (Numan Remix)

Monday, 13 September 2010

still in for the kill

With tomorrows release of La Roux EP In For The Kill Remixes comes, well... more remixes. Last year we had re-jumbling from the likes of Hostage, Lifelike, The Twelves and Skream; this year we have efforts from Tim Bran, Ritz Reynolds, Dr. Rosen Rosen, Michael Woods, Skrillex, Danger and wait for it... Skream!

La Roux - In For The Kill (Michael Woods Remix)

La Roux - In For The Kill (Danger Ocean Remix)

La Roux - In For The Kill (Skrillex Remix)


Friday, 10 September 2010

screaming chimes

Fresh off the back of releasing the final part of Midnight Club, Russ has released his unsurprisingly brilliant Kelis remix just in time for our perfect Friday night pump-up.

Kelis - Scream (Russ Chimes Remix) by Russ Chimes


Wednesday, 8 September 2010


Ah so here it is, the third and final part of Russ Chimes' Midnight Club EP. Oh yes! This will leave me smiling for the rest of the month. Hold tight for another month when we'll be able to purchase each part of the film.

Russ Chimes - Midnight Club EP (Part 3: Targa) from Russ Chimes on Vimeo.


the maccabee news

As if 2010 wasn't already exciting enough; The Maccabees confirmed the other day that they'll be back in the studio towards the end of the year to churn out what we hope will be another fantastic record. They debuted a new 'as yet, untitled, spaghetti western inspired' song last weekend at Reading & Leeds and another one, presumably called 'Child', at a warm-up gig down at their local club Concorde2.

Stay tuned for Russ Chimes: Midnight Club Part 3 later today...


Tuesday, 7 September 2010


Just had an email from MiM0SA informing us of a Nina Simone remix. Now if it hadn't of been for the freakish coincidence that my boy Monkers over at Ocular Penetration (another blog I write for) posted the Tupac remix of MiM0SA earlier today, I might have naively presumed that the Nina Simone was going to be a bit of a dud. If I have one criticism it's that, at only 2 minutes and 17 seconds, the remix is too short. Same goes for the really lovely Telepopmusik demo remix too.

Nina Simone - I Put A Spell On You (MiM0SA Remix)

Telepopmusik - Breathe (MiM0SA Remix)


teenage wet dream

Last year it was Cheryl Cole; this year my guilty pleasure is Katy Perry. I really hope I'm not the only bloke who knows most of the lyrics to California Gurls. Look, with my slight bias obsession set aside, she's made a cracking and definitive pop album that not only surpasses the efforts of Eminem, Biffy Clyro and (the now floppy) Arcade Fire in the charts, but proves that she has tenderness (through 'Pearl' and 'Not Like The Movies') as well as spunk. Keep your ears and eyes open for inevitable dubstep remixes of 'E.T.' and/or 'Who Am I Living For'. Russell Brand, you lucky sod.

Katy Perry - California Gurls

Katy Perry - Circle The Drain

Katy Perry - E.T.

Katy Perry - Who Am I Living For

Katy Perry - Not Like The Movies


Sunday, 5 September 2010

business casual

Dig out that dusty diary you got for Christmas, flick through to 20th September 2010, get a pen and write 'BUSINESS CASUAL OUT TODAY'.
With only 'Night By Night', 'Don't Turn The Lights On', a small handful of remixes and their brilliant DJ Kicks compilation to satisfy cravings since LP Fancy Footwork buffered disco floors in 2007, it's been long enough since Dave 1 & P-Thugg dished up a big chunk of beautifully harmonic, electronic jams through new album Business Casual (lovingly mixed once again by
French cerveau Phillippe Zdar). I can safely say (not that there was any doubt anyway) that Business Casual promises 40 minutes of zero disappointment, genuine waltzing romance and epic guitar solos.

Opener, 'Hot Mess' (what I wish girls called me) and 'I'm Not Contagious' (a desperate plea often exclaimed by Denzi outside a club at 1.50am most nights) gets the big, vibrant Chromeo ball bouncing into the, almost nostalgic, familiarity of 'Night By Night' and 'Don't Turn The Lights On'. The long 'You Make It Rough' has a bit of a Presets/Grum aura to it,
whilst the lent vocals of Solange on 'When The Night Falls' would happily mix well with any sexy Madonna number. If it was a matter of life or death and I was forced to pick a favourite on the album I would have to go for the simply gorgeous 'Don't Walk Away' a track that is sure to make Breakbot jealous of. Then just when I thought I'd never need my old French dictionary again, along comes Chromeo's homage to Sebastien Tellier, 'J'ai Claqué La Porte' (sorry, I still don't know what this song is about). 'The Right Type' is one of those really happy, sunny summer Belle & Sebastian-esque songs which, although juxtaposed by heartbroken lyrics, left me doing the most enthusiastic air guitar I've done in years. Sometimes I find that the last track on an album is the only one stopping me from listening to the record in its entirety. This is not the case with 'Grow Up', as it's a right old laugh and leaves Business Casual on a cheeky high.

Chromeo - Hot Mess

Chromeo - Don't Turn The Lights On

Chromeo - Don't Walk Away

Chromeo - The Right Type

You can pre-order the record from Amazon right here.


Friday, 3 September 2010

ode to denzi

Today has been the 22nd birthday of Denzi. The man is hopefully, as I type, being violently sick through his nose in an alleyway in Bath. As I am unable to celebrate this moment with him and I'm too much of a shit mate to ever buy him a present, I thought it best and cheaper to dedicate a post to him (accompanied by a few tracks that are sentimental to both of us as a pair of mates/DJs).

Apart from the fact he looked like a right prick, the first thing I noticed about Denzi was his loud mouth shouting off about Daft Punk and Justice. It was at this point I realised 'Good, some people at this Uni like the music I do then' and 'where can I buy earplugs?' With a crate of Stella we soon discovered that we'd probably bumped into each other when Justice had their exclusive D.A.N.C.E. release party at Mean Fiddler a few months before Uni. We vowed to see them again together in Bristol this time round. Here's what it would have sounded like (minus the technical difficulties and chorus of boo's when we saw them).

Justice - Genesis (Live)

The word 'dwee' will probably mean absolutely nothing to you, but because of this song it means a hell of a lot to us.

Daft Punk - Make Love

As I said, it's no secret that Denzi is one of the loudest men in the history of mankind. According to Wikipedia he was actually used, on a number of occasions, during WW2 as an emergency air-raid siren along the south coast of England. Having such an unnecessarily loud voice meant that to listen to music he had to purchase Was 3000 speakers. It's therefore no surprise that I heard him playing this beautiful song EVERY SINGLE NIGHT.

Sebastien Tellier - La Ritournelle (Mr Dan's Mix)

As you might have already gathered, I hate Denzi deep down. We've have our odd blowouts now and then. That's what passionate mates do, especially when it's over/about music. The latest one involved DRT - Rising Sun (Boogaloo Crew Remix) which I pointed out used samples from Ratatat's Seventeen Years, much to Denzi's astonishing and categorically vehement denial. In truth, he's never heard Seventeen Years before so I think now is the time.

Ratatat - Seventeen Years

Mind you, as much as I hate the bloke, he did get me into a genre I am rather fond of these days. This was the first dubstep track he exposed me to and it's still one of my favourites.

Benny Page & Zero G - Panpipes

Finally, I thought I'd aptly end on Denzi's favourite ever song and one that we both absolutely love... Ha.

Pink - So What (Bimbo Jones Radio Edit)

Happy Birthday mate!

McMess (with love)

Wednesday, 1 September 2010


I had pretty much accepted that summer was over and that another 7 months of coats and runny noses was fast approaching. That was before I listened to the freshly cut Cosmic Beach EP credited to Honom (who remixed Claes Rosen's Boogie Breeze a couple of months ago), released through the ever fantastic SpaceWalker Recordings chaps. Enjoy these with a strong Piña Colada to soothe the pain of September.

Honom - Purple Sun (Original Mix) 112kbps by SpaceWalker Recordings
Honom - Beach Runner (Original Mix) 112kbps by SpaceWalker Recordings



Oh God yeah. I'm now convinced kidnapping is cool, thanks Russ.

Russ Chimes - Midnight Club EP (Part 2: Tertre Rouge) from Russ Chimes on Vimeo.