Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Well. It's brand spanking new Burial int it?

Well. Burial's been pretty quiet over the last couple of years. Burial, whom we know the identity of (William Bevan) is a person whom we have no clue about, except that he makes tunes which each individually encapture a unique epic nature. After the release of his famous LP Untrue, he's worked with Four Tet and afew other artists to keep just above the blip on the rader. And much to the same extent, here Burial features on the 'Nu Levels', which is a collab project with El-B. Other artists are on this, including Orion and Zed Bias. Buy it here.

Now, this tune is produced interestingly. The first Burial tune to use wubs, however they are very unique sounding, sawtoothed, over his famous 2 step shuffle. An interesting Egyptian vibe going on, and it's nice to hear the old boy bopping around again. Definitely worth a listen.

Burial - Prophecy / ALT


From the boys over at Zaber Riders, a lovely blog which I found this morning and whilst rinsing their downloads over the last 3 months (I suggest you do the same), I stumbled upon this little gem by chance. Boy 8 Bit does a great job with one of Burial's greatest productions.

Burial - Archangel (Boy 8 Bit Remix)



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