Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Return of Wubstep Wednesdays (#4)

Hello there squires! Coming at ya straight from Edinburgh, where mince tatties are plenty and internet signal is not so much. But seriously, the mince tatties are good (85p!). Yeah, so, it's my second year in Scotland up at the Edinburgh Fringe, and it made me reflect on how much the scene has changed in the last year alone, and what the producers of last summer, are doing this summer.

English underground music is shifting so fast at the moment, that no-one knows whether they are the cool ones with their burger hats and fountain pens listening to the freshest beats. Everyone is trying to push labels on everything, 'oohhh that's not dubstep', 'its so drumstep', 'No its definitely got a Baroque-tech house feel with hints of Medieval balearic undertones'. All in all, it doesn't matter whatever label you give something, because It's all about the music! Good on those bedroom producers making all these different crazy type of tunes, it's what it's all about.

Anyways, in more pressing news I have some fantastic cream-inspiring tracks for your ears, as we see the return of WUBSTEP WEDNESDAYS! All these tracks are fresh as your nans slippers straight from the airing closet.

First up, and I've got to warn you, it's pretty big. Soul legend Isaac Hayes's top tune (RIP) tune 'Walk on By' (which has also been done by Gabrielle, The Stranglers ect) is given one of the most tasteful dub remixes I have ever heard. DZ brings us an absolute epic banger, which is lyrically beautiful with DZ's use of the sampled strings, and places his wubs absolutely accordingly within this structure. Different to DZ's usual stuff, he definitely will turn some heads with this track. Get some of this down you.

Isaac Hayes - Walk on By (DZ Remix)
/ ALT - Denzi's Wubstep Wednesday Medal holder

Fenech-Soler have gone from strength to strength this year. After seeing them play live in Moles club in Bath around a year ago, they are indeed on the way to true success. Their tune 'Lies' is no doubt a banger, but check out this Doctor P Remix of it. Doctor P changes up his signature sound quite nicely here, and his wubs are different, but I for one am truly welcoming this change.

Fenech-Soler - Lies (Doctor P Remix) / ALT

Caspa is a lad who pioneered the dubstep scene, and then lately has been quieter than the rest. A little while ago he did a remix of 'One' by Swedish House Mafia, which was pretty dog in my opinion. Caspa I think has struggled to find a place in this new dubstep scene which has indeed evolved from the one he first shaped. However, his new EP speaks different words. It's such a fresh sound, intelligently produced and showcases him as still on of the kings of dubstep. This track is a dub essential.

Caspa - Back for the First time / ALT - REMOVED

Finally, it's the heavyweight. A sight more hectic to the rest of the stuff I've just posted. But fuck, it's good. This producer LostInTheRush (producers?) is pretty unheard of, and he's from the middle of nowhere....Denmark. But this is a fantastic hard hitting Dub record, and deserves a massive 2 o clock gurn from everyone listening in the club. Whipping snares, varied and interesting types of wubs, with a lovely break. Check it.

LostInTheRush - War of the Worlds / ALT

That's all for today, check back soon. I have now plenty of free time be officially skint in Scotland. Money and food would be appreciated, email me for my address. Haha.



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