Sunday, 1 August 2010


Since Artful Dodger and Craig David's 'Re-Rewind' shuffled on my iPod the other day I've barely stopped thinking about the prospect of a massive dubstep remix. Have a listen to the chorus and you might know where I'm coming from in terms of it having a lot of potential.

Artful Dodger Ft. Craig David - Re-Rewind

One chap has already picked up on this too it seems:

Artful Dodger Ft. Craig David - Re-Rewind (HavocNdeeD Remix)

Maybe it's just that I'm being a bit fussy about it but... I feel like I need more out of it. So this is a bit of a proposition to anyone who's bored of wanking all day and fancies having a decent crack at a dubstep remix (and I'm thinking you George Lenton). If you want to surprise us then email a 320 over to:

and we'll post it.

Think of this as The Smoothest Gooch's first cheap Remix Contest.


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