Sunday, 22 August 2010

New Flux and Eddie K

Aite matrons. Just a quick one on this lovely sunday afternoon, coming straight from my air mattress on the floor in the shanty town of Edinburgh. To be frank, I can't wait to get back to London, however here are afew tunes that I found which just have to be shared with the masses whilst I'm here.

As you know, Flux Pavilion is one of the saviours of dubstep at the moment and everything he touches turns to gold dust (excuse the pun). Ha. Anyways, this is a lovely little release off the brand new 'beats and pieces' EP which you can buy here. Lovely little reggaeton number, with a lovely vocal sample (you get me), and some lovely bouncy dubs which go along with this reggae vibe. Laavely.

Flux Pavilion - Excuse Me / ALT

The next one is an essential for anyone playing a right jump up dub set. Drop this, and your crowd I guarantee will go ape and make faces which deserve to be kept to the confines of a club no doubt. Eddie K and Minus bring us this, with some lovely warping dubs. But believe me, it'll blow your tits off.

Eddie K and Minus - Serial Killa / ALT - Removed by Request.

Anyways, Peas and lovin'. Enjoy your sunday night.


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