Wednesday, 4 August 2010

everybody say "skreeeeeeeam!"

I've never been to the depths of downtown Croydon. I like to imagine it has one of those Tree of Souls from Avatar outside MaccyD's, connecting the pioneers of dubstep. Even though in last month's Mixmag Skream said that it was 'important to move things on', he's known for rooting his origins and protecting original elements of the dubstep sound (as opposed to plunging into the progressively 'filthy' depths). Where aptly named debut Skream! preserved dub through 'Blue Eyez' and 'Auto-Dub', follow-up Outside The Box brings in contemporary synths and electronics (ones we might expect from the progressive Joker) whilst maintaining the deep bass that started it all off. Tracks such as opener 'Perferated', highly addictive 'Where You Should Be', 'Reflections' and quaint 'A Song For Lenny' reiterate that this is a gorgeous album paved over an atmospheric urban landscape. Forgot where you were for a minute? 'CPU', 'Fields of Emotion' and, in particular, 'Wibbler' are not only dirtier than a mechanic's DVD library but have enough wub wubs to stop the new dubheads from whinging.

The real beauty about Skream's new album is that it can be enjoyed by even those who would usually turn a blind eye to the rapidly popular genre. This could well be the record that breaks the stubborn defences and convert the dubstep-squirmers (the one's who leave the room just soon as Brick Top's 'WAKE THE FUCK UP!' blares out) into fully fledged hooligans like me.

'Outside The Box' is out on Monday, so while you're getting autographs off Jedward in Tesco, slyly pop the CD into the trolley. Alternatively use all your Mum's nectar points on it like that little brat in the Sainsbury's advert (sorry international readers, you might have no idea what I'm blabbering on about now). If Tesco or Sainsbury's idiotically don't sell it then you can get the cheapy version at Amazon.

Skream - Perferated

Skream - Where You Should Be (Feat. Sam Frank)

Skream - Widdler

Skream - The Epic Last Song


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