Thursday, 26 August 2010

i want you brokeback for good

I always thought there was something fishy about the relationship between Robbie Williams and Gary Barlow. The video for their new single 'Shame' (possibly named by the southern homophobic video extras?) has confirmed my suspicions. Please enjoy this trailer for Brokeback Mountain 2.


Wednesday, 25 August 2010

have a listen... but first DO THE DISHES

If you read our little blog then you might be aware that we both have a bit of a dub-crush on Borgore. I nearly wet myself when I first heard a 320 of his Sleepyhead remix, which Denzi sniffed out a couple of months ago (in a seemingly much-hated post). Here are three more meaty bangers that'll leave you shaking your head in astonishment (I go into overload when the sexaphone kicks in half way through My Favourite Tingz).

Borgore - Act Like A Ho

Borgore - Ice Cream (Instrumental)

Borgore - My Favourite Tingz



More torturous teasing from Russell Chimes. I am not responsible for the mayhem I cause when this EP is released.

Russ Chimes - Midnight Club EP (Part 1: Never Look Back) from Russ Chimes on Vimeo.


Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Well. It's brand spanking new Burial int it?

Well. Burial's been pretty quiet over the last couple of years. Burial, whom we know the identity of (William Bevan) is a person whom we have no clue about, except that he makes tunes which each individually encapture a unique epic nature. After the release of his famous LP Untrue, he's worked with Four Tet and afew other artists to keep just above the blip on the rader. And much to the same extent, here Burial features on the 'Nu Levels', which is a collab project with El-B. Other artists are on this, including Orion and Zed Bias. Buy it here.

Now, this tune is produced interestingly. The first Burial tune to use wubs, however they are very unique sounding, sawtoothed, over his famous 2 step shuffle. An interesting Egyptian vibe going on, and it's nice to hear the old boy bopping around again. Definitely worth a listen.

Burial - Prophecy / ALT


From the boys over at Zaber Riders, a lovely blog which I found this morning and whilst rinsing their downloads over the last 3 months (I suggest you do the same), I stumbled upon this little gem by chance. Boy 8 Bit does a great job with one of Burial's greatest productions.

Burial - Archangel (Boy 8 Bit Remix)



Monday, 23 August 2010

i don't give shitty jobs

Probably not the best idea for me to be listening to these particular songs, having finally acquired a job this morning.

John Hartford - In Tall Buildings

The Smiths - Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now

The Rakes - Work, Work, Work (Pub, Club, Sleep)

Dolly and her dairy pillows helps though.

Dolly Parton - 9 To 5

7am? What's that? I'm setting this as my alarm.

Lil Jon - I Do (Pance Party Remix)


Sunday, 22 August 2010

New Flux and Eddie K

Aite matrons. Just a quick one on this lovely sunday afternoon, coming straight from my air mattress on the floor in the shanty town of Edinburgh. To be frank, I can't wait to get back to London, however here are afew tunes that I found which just have to be shared with the masses whilst I'm here.

As you know, Flux Pavilion is one of the saviours of dubstep at the moment and everything he touches turns to gold dust (excuse the pun). Ha. Anyways, this is a lovely little release off the brand new 'beats and pieces' EP which you can buy here. Lovely little reggaeton number, with a lovely vocal sample (you get me), and some lovely bouncy dubs which go along with this reggae vibe. Laavely.

Flux Pavilion - Excuse Me / ALT

The next one is an essential for anyone playing a right jump up dub set. Drop this, and your crowd I guarantee will go ape and make faces which deserve to be kept to the confines of a club no doubt. Eddie K and Minus bring us this, with some lovely warping dubs. But believe me, it'll blow your tits off.

Eddie K and Minus - Serial Killa / ALT - Removed by Request.

Anyways, Peas and lovin'. Enjoy your sunday night.


Thursday, 19 August 2010

BTR vs. The Smoothest Gooch

A couple of weeks ago our new Yankie buddy, Thompson, asked us if we'd feature on his weekly BreakThru Radio show 'The Anatomy of a Blogger'. Naturally, we accepted. A freshly concocted 35min mix by Denzi, a few zip files and a chat with McMess later and THIS is the result. Oh but it doesn't stop there though... if you really really like the show then you can download it, kiss it and cherish it forever and ever. Keep your eyes peeled for the 'download' button. When you find it press it firmly and break your speakers with my booming voice. Many thanks again Thompson!

Spank Rock - Backyard Betty


Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Return of Wubstep Wednesdays (#4)

Hello there squires! Coming at ya straight from Edinburgh, where mince tatties are plenty and internet signal is not so much. But seriously, the mince tatties are good (85p!). Yeah, so, it's my second year in Scotland up at the Edinburgh Fringe, and it made me reflect on how much the scene has changed in the last year alone, and what the producers of last summer, are doing this summer.

English underground music is shifting so fast at the moment, that no-one knows whether they are the cool ones with their burger hats and fountain pens listening to the freshest beats. Everyone is trying to push labels on everything, 'oohhh that's not dubstep', 'its so drumstep', 'No its definitely got a Baroque-tech house feel with hints of Medieval balearic undertones'. All in all, it doesn't matter whatever label you give something, because It's all about the music! Good on those bedroom producers making all these different crazy type of tunes, it's what it's all about.

Anyways, in more pressing news I have some fantastic cream-inspiring tracks for your ears, as we see the return of WUBSTEP WEDNESDAYS! All these tracks are fresh as your nans slippers straight from the airing closet.

First up, and I've got to warn you, it's pretty big. Soul legend Isaac Hayes's top tune (RIP) tune 'Walk on By' (which has also been done by Gabrielle, The Stranglers ect) is given one of the most tasteful dub remixes I have ever heard. DZ brings us an absolute epic banger, which is lyrically beautiful with DZ's use of the sampled strings, and places his wubs absolutely accordingly within this structure. Different to DZ's usual stuff, he definitely will turn some heads with this track. Get some of this down you.

Isaac Hayes - Walk on By (DZ Remix)
/ ALT - Denzi's Wubstep Wednesday Medal holder

Fenech-Soler have gone from strength to strength this year. After seeing them play live in Moles club in Bath around a year ago, they are indeed on the way to true success. Their tune 'Lies' is no doubt a banger, but check out this Doctor P Remix of it. Doctor P changes up his signature sound quite nicely here, and his wubs are different, but I for one am truly welcoming this change.

Fenech-Soler - Lies (Doctor P Remix) / ALT

Caspa is a lad who pioneered the dubstep scene, and then lately has been quieter than the rest. A little while ago he did a remix of 'One' by Swedish House Mafia, which was pretty dog in my opinion. Caspa I think has struggled to find a place in this new dubstep scene which has indeed evolved from the one he first shaped. However, his new EP speaks different words. It's such a fresh sound, intelligently produced and showcases him as still on of the kings of dubstep. This track is a dub essential.

Caspa - Back for the First time / ALT - REMOVED

Finally, it's the heavyweight. A sight more hectic to the rest of the stuff I've just posted. But fuck, it's good. This producer LostInTheRush (producers?) is pretty unheard of, and he's from the middle of nowhere....Denmark. But this is a fantastic hard hitting Dub record, and deserves a massive 2 o clock gurn from everyone listening in the club. Whipping snares, varied and interesting types of wubs, with a lovely break. Check it.

LostInTheRush - War of the Worlds / ALT

That's all for today, check back soon. I have now plenty of free time be officially skint in Scotland. Money and food would be appreciated, email me for my address. Haha.



Saturday, 14 August 2010

Shabba Dabba Da

Aite you little slags. Just a quick one. For all you around London tonight, get your ass down to Shabba Dabba Da which is put on from the guys over at Reinforced events.

DJ Set from New York boy Larry Tee, and the legend Adam Ant will even be dropping a DJ set. Lets hope he throws in some classics.

On top of that, there is a Matthew Brindle photoshoot and lots of other bits and bobs to be given away so get down there.

Check out the facebook group here.

Find it here: Avalon, Shoreditch, 141-143 , Shoreditch High Street, London, E1 6JE

Peace out, check it out, and enjoy.


Thursday, 5 August 2010


As a machine, I had a bit of a glitch today. Somehow I managed to get off my fat ass and actually do something. So for most of the afternoon I resembled Alan Titchmarsh, only less jolly and gay (the pre-19th century definition).

This is what happens when music producing machines get hit over the head with a hammer.

The Glitch Mob - Beyond Monday

edIT - If You Crump Stand Up

Jackson and His Computer Band - Rock On

SebastiAn - H.A.L.


Wednesday, 4 August 2010

everybody say "skreeeeeeeam!"

I've never been to the depths of downtown Croydon. I like to imagine it has one of those Tree of Souls from Avatar outside MaccyD's, connecting the pioneers of dubstep. Even though in last month's Mixmag Skream said that it was 'important to move things on', he's known for rooting his origins and protecting original elements of the dubstep sound (as opposed to plunging into the progressively 'filthy' depths). Where aptly named debut Skream! preserved dub through 'Blue Eyez' and 'Auto-Dub', follow-up Outside The Box brings in contemporary synths and electronics (ones we might expect from the progressive Joker) whilst maintaining the deep bass that started it all off. Tracks such as opener 'Perferated', highly addictive 'Where You Should Be', 'Reflections' and quaint 'A Song For Lenny' reiterate that this is a gorgeous album paved over an atmospheric urban landscape. Forgot where you were for a minute? 'CPU', 'Fields of Emotion' and, in particular, 'Wibbler' are not only dirtier than a mechanic's DVD library but have enough wub wubs to stop the new dubheads from whinging.

The real beauty about Skream's new album is that it can be enjoyed by even those who would usually turn a blind eye to the rapidly popular genre. This could well be the record that breaks the stubborn defences and convert the dubstep-squirmers (the one's who leave the room just soon as Brick Top's 'WAKE THE FUCK UP!' blares out) into fully fledged hooligans like me.

'Outside The Box' is out on Monday, so while you're getting autographs off Jedward in Tesco, slyly pop the CD into the trolley. Alternatively use all your Mum's nectar points on it like that little brat in the Sainsbury's advert (sorry international readers, you might have no idea what I'm blabbering on about now). If Tesco or Sainsbury's idiotically don't sell it then you can get the cheapy version at Amazon.

Skream - Perferated

Skream - Where You Should Be (Feat. Sam Frank)

Skream - Widdler

Skream - The Epic Last Song


Tuesday, 3 August 2010

gemini club

I suppose the fact I'm now an unemployed loser is a bit of a blessing in disguise. Lie-ins are not a luxury, Bargain Hunt is now my favourite programme, I have a daily, staple diet of couscous or peanut butter on toast and I have music pouring out my ears.

Somewhere between Danny Elfman and a fake Daft Punk Tron OST track is Gemini Club's gloomy 'Future Tidings' which, although released 12 months ago, has a new angular/robotic/some-sort-of-head-injury?/noir i.e. strangely beautiful video. I think my job for today will just be to keep watching it.

Future Tidings by Gemini Club


Monday, 2 August 2010

a wu-tiful day

8 Diagrams has got me through the morning. Yeah? Yeah? Yeah? Motherfuckers.

Wu-Tang Clan - Rushing Elephants

Wu-Tang Clan - Wolves

Wu-Tang Clan - Windmill


Sunday, 1 August 2010


Since Artful Dodger and Craig David's 'Re-Rewind' shuffled on my iPod the other day I've barely stopped thinking about the prospect of a massive dubstep remix. Have a listen to the chorus and you might know where I'm coming from in terms of it having a lot of potential.

Artful Dodger Ft. Craig David - Re-Rewind

One chap has already picked up on this too it seems:

Artful Dodger Ft. Craig David - Re-Rewind (HavocNdeeD Remix)

Maybe it's just that I'm being a bit fussy about it but... I feel like I need more out of it. So this is a bit of a proposition to anyone who's bored of wanking all day and fancies having a decent crack at a dubstep remix (and I'm thinking you George Lenton). If you want to surprise us then email a 320 over to:

and we'll post it.

Think of this as The Smoothest Gooch's first cheap Remix Contest.