Friday, 30 July 2010

through the night + remixes

Just as I'd finally managed to fix and solidify my iTunes (Grum's debut album had previously melted it) along comes a re-ignition of scorching LP opener 'Through The Night' to force my willing surrender. Although some talented chaps and even Graeme himself have had a marvelous crack at remixing it, nothing tops the original for me (especially with the new bromance video that accompanies it).

Through The Night by Heartbeatsheartbeats

Through The Night (Grum Club Mix) by Heartbeatsheartbeats

Through The Night (The Swiss Menergy remix) by Heartbeatsheartbeats

Through The Night (Tom De Neef's Jacksquad Remix) by Heartbeatsheartbeats



  1. man none of the remixes come close to Grum's production skills. That dude is a fuckin music making robot...and although his sound is always the same it ALWAYS bangs and has awesome melodies.

  2. I think the Swiss one is pretty amazing, incredible synth sounds and a super hooky italo feel