Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Reasons why the UK is cracking.

Frankly, the UK has pioneered most of the World's best underground music. Bassline, UK Funky, Drum and Bass, Garage, Jungle and Dubstep.

I was listening to Mistajam's 'UK Takeover Soundclash' on Radio 1 on Saturday, and was loving the concept of all the UK genres in one show, the selection of tunes was frankly poor though. I didn't understand why the DJ's representing the different genres were spinning songs from a couple of years ago as an example of showcasing their genre - yes I understand the Caspa's remix of Where's my Money is a good tune, but it is dated and the scene has moved on since then. However, one song stuck out for me. I'm not generally a fan of UK Funky, but Donaeo's new single 'I'm Fly' hit me. This minimal UKF song with Donaeo 'ni-ni-ni-ni-niiii'-ing over the top just works, it just is downright RAW, clever and catchy without having too much of a commerical feel to it.

Donaeo - I'm Fly / ALT

Now, Dubstep. This UK Producer has it all going on at the moment, bookings left right and centre and is producing songs faster than your nan making victoria sponges for your sunday lunch. His name is Flux Pavilion, you may have noticed we love him over here at the Gooch. Just found a new release of his, and my GOD is it good. It's definitely up there with Got 2 Know and his recent Gold Dust Remix. The biggest tunes he produces have an absolute epic nature about them, and this one is no different at all. I would love to see him in the studio one day just to see how his mind works. Download this right away.

Flux Pavilion - I Can't Stop - Denzi's pick of the day.

Nero, we all know them as also one of the main cats in the dubstep genre, but they have roots, like many other dubstep producers in drum and bass. I found this a while ago, but fancied sharing it all with you today. A cracking little drum and bass rework of a brilliant Justice tune.

Justice - DVNO (Nero Bootleg) / ALT

Big up UK.


PS. I couldn't go without mentioning garage. This tune is undoubtedly one of the greatest tunes from this genre. Ahh, to be 16 again.

Monsta Boy - Sorry (I Didn't Know) / ALT

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  1. First time I've been to this blog (from hypem) but I likes it!!!

    1. Monsta boy is epic
    2. I'm fly is legendary
    3. Your name is the smoothest gooch

    I'm in heaven!