Wednesday, 14 July 2010

A Midweek Variety.

Right me old muckas. Nice to finally chat to you again, as usual, I've been busy prancing around stage like usual. Fun times. Did get the chance to see the new Predators film tonight though, interesting seeing Jew pianist Adrien Brody turn Predator killer.

Anyways, to music!

So many things have been tickling my tastebuds recently, as my taste is definitely moving further and further into two step and future garage, for Dubstep is just getting a little too much in these summer days. My top guys at the moment are James Blake, Mount Kimbie, Joy Orbison, Cosmic Revenge, Oriol , name afew. Dubstep on a easy summers day just doesn't work. That aside, I'll bring you my top picks at the moment.

N.E.R.D song Hot-N-Fun (featuring that Nelly Furtardo Bird) gets an interesting re-work from Dubstep duo 'Nero'. The drop is pretty heavy....though proper dubheads will have a problem with this no doubt. But fuck it, why does all music have to be catagorised. Crunchy synths, and good producing all round.

Hot-N-Fun - N.E.R.D (Nero Remix) / ALT

Next one is big. Old school pianos + lovely balanced dubstep = hit of the summer. Its a great tune, and if dubstep was invented in the 90s, this is probably what it would sound like. Mindflow brings this our way. Put this in your collection. Instantly.

Mindflow - Switched

Mindflow - Switched by West Coast Leak

French chap Youthman is always an interesting one to follow. He seems to be right on it at the moment, just check out his myspace. Need a song to fall in love with this may be five months old, but it's come at the right time in my life. Perfect jazzy vibe mixed with great percussion and female vocals that undo my loin cloth.

Youthman - Brother Don't Cry

Red Eye, Youthman & Luce - Brother Don't Cry by Neowone

Bath's most loveable chap Joshua Barnard suggested a band to me the other day. SPOILER WARNING, THIS ISN'T DUB. And the band he suggested is right up my street. Crazy French bastards Caravan Palace, taking swing jazz and putting some real power into it. Loveable fun, well played to them. Highly listenable and entertaining. 5 stars. This is one of my favourite songs off their self entitled album.

Caravan Palace - Bambous

Caravan Palace - Bambous by Siempre es Hoy



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