Sunday, 25 July 2010

Day Off.

I've got a day off. So, I've sat in my bed perusing over Dirty Housewives on my favourite sites and catching up with the world that is music. Boy oh boy, I have a beaaaaautiful selection for you lot today. Grind all of these up, and get them in your system.

If you havn't heard Chase and Status's new single 'ave a listen, and let me know what you think. It's funny how far these lads have come, and in my opinion have done a 'Pendulum'. Chase and Status, used to create cracking drum and bass - which was ridiculously dirty - then, went on to find a great dubstep sound, and then went.... too commericial. Ergo, a 'Pendulum'.It's a killer. However, luckily, dubstep saviour Nero has made a cracking dubstep of the new single. What is lovely, and suprising to find, is that Drum and Bass legends Brookes Brothers have packaged this song with their lovely feel, and God, it sounds good.

Chase and Status - Let You Go (Brookes Brothers Remix) / ALT

Swing-Hop. It's coming fast, and more rapid then ever. If you don't know what Swing Hop is, check the Correspondents. I was lucky enough to check 'em at Beach Break, and they blew my mind. I'm going to catch them at Bestival also, so let me know if you're up for it! Think of 1930s-50s jazz, and throw that in a pot on the stove with some herbs of drum and bass, and some dubstep sticks - or just some good old house sprinkles. Other songs like 'No Speaka Americano' and the band Caravan Palace (which I posted the other week) are very, very good examples of Swing Hop. Anyway, keeping on the drum and bass vibe this is what I came across afew hours ago. Beautiful jazzy sample with cracking warps. It's simply beautiful.

Zarif - Box of Secrets (Cyantific & Wilkinson Remix) / ALT - Denzi's pick of the day.

DJ Fresh's album comes out August 2nd. This is big news. You just need to check this out for example, and it'll will tantalise you to no end:

So, on this note, here's a great dubstep remix of a great tune that's on the album called 'Heavyweight' by the BOY Benny Page. Big up! Buy DJ Freshs's debut album here.

DJ Fresh - Heavyweight (Benny Page) / ALT

Enjoy the rest of your sunday, ta-ra!


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