Friday, 30 July 2010

hold me back (from smashing your face in?)

Word up. Jaymo & Andy George have teamed up with rudeboy J2K to produce big, bouncy, summer booty-shaker 'Hold Me Back' - possibly the well 'ard cousin of Wiley's 'Wearing My Rolex'. The EP comes with top remixes from Subskrpt, Thomas Gandey and BeatauCue's brilliantly infused dubstep. It's not set for release until 23rd August so for now we'll have to make do with the streams, attached with the following warning:


Hold Me Back (Feat. J2K) by itsmodamusic

Hold Me Back (BeatauCue Remix) by itsmodamusic


through the night + remixes

Just as I'd finally managed to fix and solidify my iTunes (Grum's debut album had previously melted it) along comes a re-ignition of scorching LP opener 'Through The Night' to force my willing surrender. Although some talented chaps and even Graeme himself have had a marvelous crack at remixing it, nothing tops the original for me (especially with the new bromance video that accompanies it).

Through The Night by Heartbeatsheartbeats

Through The Night (Grum Club Mix) by Heartbeatsheartbeats

Through The Night (The Swiss Menergy remix) by Heartbeatsheartbeats

Through The Night (Tom De Neef's Jacksquad Remix) by Heartbeatsheartbeats


Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Reasons why the UK is cracking.

Frankly, the UK has pioneered most of the World's best underground music. Bassline, UK Funky, Drum and Bass, Garage, Jungle and Dubstep.

I was listening to Mistajam's 'UK Takeover Soundclash' on Radio 1 on Saturday, and was loving the concept of all the UK genres in one show, the selection of tunes was frankly poor though. I didn't understand why the DJ's representing the different genres were spinning songs from a couple of years ago as an example of showcasing their genre - yes I understand the Caspa's remix of Where's my Money is a good tune, but it is dated and the scene has moved on since then. However, one song stuck out for me. I'm not generally a fan of UK Funky, but Donaeo's new single 'I'm Fly' hit me. This minimal UKF song with Donaeo 'ni-ni-ni-ni-niiii'-ing over the top just works, it just is downright RAW, clever and catchy without having too much of a commerical feel to it.

Donaeo - I'm Fly / ALT

Now, Dubstep. This UK Producer has it all going on at the moment, bookings left right and centre and is producing songs faster than your nan making victoria sponges for your sunday lunch. His name is Flux Pavilion, you may have noticed we love him over here at the Gooch. Just found a new release of his, and my GOD is it good. It's definitely up there with Got 2 Know and his recent Gold Dust Remix. The biggest tunes he produces have an absolute epic nature about them, and this one is no different at all. I would love to see him in the studio one day just to see how his mind works. Download this right away.

Flux Pavilion - I Can't Stop - Denzi's pick of the day.

Nero, we all know them as also one of the main cats in the dubstep genre, but they have roots, like many other dubstep producers in drum and bass. I found this a while ago, but fancied sharing it all with you today. A cracking little drum and bass rework of a brilliant Justice tune.

Justice - DVNO (Nero Bootleg) / ALT

Big up UK.


PS. I couldn't go without mentioning garage. This tune is undoubtedly one of the greatest tunes from this genre. Ahh, to be 16 again.

Monsta Boy - Sorry (I Didn't Know) / ALT

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Some other gems.

Just got this emailed over to me. And I couldn't resist not posting it straight away.

George Lenton always sends us over at the Smoothest Gooch lovely entertaining emails concerning things of interest. What is interesting today though is that Georgie boy sent us a remix of Dizzee's 'I luv you'. Pounding. I just thought you may like it.

Dizzee Rascal - I Luv You (George Lenton Remix) / ALT

PS. Check this out, I've had this hanging round for a while, but it popped on my shuffle today. James Blake is the man at the moment in the industry, and you all should know it. Glorious take on this Lil Wayne tune.

Lil Wayne - A Milli (James Blake Harmonimix)



Day Off.

I've got a day off. So, I've sat in my bed perusing over Dirty Housewives on my favourite sites and catching up with the world that is music. Boy oh boy, I have a beaaaaautiful selection for you lot today. Grind all of these up, and get them in your system.

If you havn't heard Chase and Status's new single 'ave a listen, and let me know what you think. It's funny how far these lads have come, and in my opinion have done a 'Pendulum'. Chase and Status, used to create cracking drum and bass - which was ridiculously dirty - then, went on to find a great dubstep sound, and then went.... too commericial. Ergo, a 'Pendulum'.It's a killer. However, luckily, dubstep saviour Nero has made a cracking dubstep of the new single. What is lovely, and suprising to find, is that Drum and Bass legends Brookes Brothers have packaged this song with their lovely feel, and God, it sounds good.

Chase and Status - Let You Go (Brookes Brothers Remix) / ALT

Swing-Hop. It's coming fast, and more rapid then ever. If you don't know what Swing Hop is, check the Correspondents. I was lucky enough to check 'em at Beach Break, and they blew my mind. I'm going to catch them at Bestival also, so let me know if you're up for it! Think of 1930s-50s jazz, and throw that in a pot on the stove with some herbs of drum and bass, and some dubstep sticks - or just some good old house sprinkles. Other songs like 'No Speaka Americano' and the band Caravan Palace (which I posted the other week) are very, very good examples of Swing Hop. Anyway, keeping on the drum and bass vibe this is what I came across afew hours ago. Beautiful jazzy sample with cracking warps. It's simply beautiful.

Zarif - Box of Secrets (Cyantific & Wilkinson Remix) / ALT - Denzi's pick of the day.

DJ Fresh's album comes out August 2nd. This is big news. You just need to check this out for example, and it'll will tantalise you to no end:

So, on this note, here's a great dubstep remix of a great tune that's on the album called 'Heavyweight' by the BOY Benny Page. Big up! Buy DJ Freshs's debut album here.

DJ Fresh - Heavyweight (Benny Page) / ALT

Enjoy the rest of your sunday, ta-ra!


Wednesday, 14 July 2010

A Midweek Variety.

Right me old muckas. Nice to finally chat to you again, as usual, I've been busy prancing around stage like usual. Fun times. Did get the chance to see the new Predators film tonight though, interesting seeing Jew pianist Adrien Brody turn Predator killer.

Anyways, to music!

So many things have been tickling my tastebuds recently, as my taste is definitely moving further and further into two step and future garage, for Dubstep is just getting a little too much in these summer days. My top guys at the moment are James Blake, Mount Kimbie, Joy Orbison, Cosmic Revenge, Oriol , name afew. Dubstep on a easy summers day just doesn't work. That aside, I'll bring you my top picks at the moment.

N.E.R.D song Hot-N-Fun (featuring that Nelly Furtardo Bird) gets an interesting re-work from Dubstep duo 'Nero'. The drop is pretty heavy....though proper dubheads will have a problem with this no doubt. But fuck it, why does all music have to be catagorised. Crunchy synths, and good producing all round.

Hot-N-Fun - N.E.R.D (Nero Remix) / ALT

Next one is big. Old school pianos + lovely balanced dubstep = hit of the summer. Its a great tune, and if dubstep was invented in the 90s, this is probably what it would sound like. Mindflow brings this our way. Put this in your collection. Instantly.

Mindflow - Switched

Mindflow - Switched by West Coast Leak

French chap Youthman is always an interesting one to follow. He seems to be right on it at the moment, just check out his myspace. Need a song to fall in love with this may be five months old, but it's come at the right time in my life. Perfect jazzy vibe mixed with great percussion and female vocals that undo my loin cloth.

Youthman - Brother Don't Cry

Red Eye, Youthman & Luce - Brother Don't Cry by Neowone

Bath's most loveable chap Joshua Barnard suggested a band to me the other day. SPOILER WARNING, THIS ISN'T DUB. And the band he suggested is right up my street. Crazy French bastards Caravan Palace, taking swing jazz and putting some real power into it. Loveable fun, well played to them. Highly listenable and entertaining. 5 stars. This is one of my favourite songs off their self entitled album.

Caravan Palace - Bambous

Caravan Palace - Bambous by Siempre es Hoy



Tuesday, 13 July 2010

claes rosen's boogie breeze

Just when I thought no one could match the irresistible consistency of Pryda, along comes Claes Rosen's new EP to really put my mind in a muddle. 'Boogie Breeze' continues where 'Delirious' left off - slapping and thudding soft house beats behind floating oriental synths. To top off what is already a delicious iced bun there are four cherries (disguised as remixes). The tastiest of them, for me, is the Grum-esque Solila Vbanke. I love this EP.

SWR006 - Claes Rosen - Boogie Breeze by SpaceWalker Recordings


Monday, 12 July 2010

bang bang bang: chimes kills ronson

Possibly co-produced by Keyboard Cat, Mark Ronson's single 'Bang Bang Bang' (which is out today!!!!!!!!!) is the first from his third studio album Record Collection (thankfully not out until the end of September). If the original is an embarrassingly inaccurate Blunderbuss then Russ Chimes' remix hits the bullseye with a Lee-Enfield rifle.

Mark Ronson - Bang Bang Bang (Russ Chimes Remix) by Russ Chimes


Sunday, 11 July 2010

had emuff?

Enjoyed Muffin's new tracks? Oh good, well you'll love his beautiful, airy DatA-meets-Grum remix of them:youth then.

Friday, 2 July 2010

julian perretta / datA

Denzi's more attractive and less irritating brother, Julian Perretta, will soon be blowing out the candle to celebrate the 1st birthday of his debut single 'Wonder Why'. Of course I knew this. However it's only since 2010 that remixes have began surfacing. There's a Bimbo Jones one floating around somewhere but you won't have to rely on it too much as DatA's funky crack has recently been approved aaaaaaaand here it is for your enjoyment.

Julian Perretta - Wonder why (Data remix) by EKLER'O'SHOCK/EOS RECORDS


Thursday, 1 July 2010


So there goes University, gone in a flash. What a truly marvelous three years of sleep, vomit, nudity, pot noodles and smut. Proper rebels init. "Time to be mature, be a man and get a job" says Mummy. Cue the synchronised panic as thousands of graduates awake at 2pm, scramble out of bed and change their homepage from xvideos to If I had a pound for every time I've answered "I'm not sure really" to every "So, what are you going to do now you've graduated?" I'd probably have about £132.50 wedged in my pockets (the 50 pence is from a "Oh just fuck off yeah?" answer). These days I just say I want to be a failed pornstar or an opium farmer in Afghanistan or a factory worker who predominantly makes fake, plastic swirls of poo. Mind you, I'd swallow my pride (and only that!) and happily swap the high life to manage a young producer under the alias of Muffin (pronounced "Muff-in" if you're Jools Holland). Up until yesterday Denzi and myself have been partaking in activities closely linked with those previously mentioned, so have only just discovered Muffin's unsurprisingly mesmeric new tracks in our inbox. Even the name suggests this chap is dense; he ain't no soggy little cupcake. Sprinkle some Kylie-esque vocals on 'Astronaut Candy' and it would definitely rise into a mainstream cake. If Beach Rd. got you going before, then its little brother 'Sunkissed' will do the same.